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Trekking is perhaps one of the oldest adventure activities enjoyed across various parts of the globe, including India. In fact the popularity of the trekking in India has grown significantly across the country over the past several years. This is because the country boasts of countless destinations where adventure enthusiasts can enjoy the fun and thrill of scouring hills and mountains of different sizes. From the relatively simpler options of night trekking near Bangalore, to the extremely gruelling and risky trails in the upper reaches of the Himalayas, the trekking enthusiasts can choose a destination that matches their level of skill and expertise. Having trouble with routine? Well! Mountains are calling and it is time to trek it up. Trekking in India started with the beginning of inhabitants in prehistoric times. With millions of trekking routes, India can never run out of trekking options as well as the variety of treks you can take up. So be it Night Trekking near Bangalore or the physically enduring Uttarakhand treks, you have it all. One of the most popular recreational activity, trekking in India is not just an adventure sport but is also a religious activity as a lot of shrines in Jammu and Kashmir and Garhwal region entails trekking for a couple of days in the Himalayas. But, amidst these stunning treks which would take your breathe and a little weight away as you climb it, there are a plenty of gentler options at different altitudes through forests and even the beach side trek. So be it on trekking in Mumbai or in Bangalore or somewhere else, there would always be a lot of good treks to explore. Now as they say, the family who treks together stays together. Trekking has a lot of positive impacts on the growth of children. It helps in both physical and mental growth and therefore short one day treks are gaining a lot of popularity in India.

Destinations of Trekking

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  • Kinnaur Kailash
  • Rajmachi
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