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About us

About us
365hops is a social networking platform for adventure and travel lovers. This is a location and interest based network, which connects the user with other like-minded travelers nearby. Once you register on our website and select your preference, you can create your own event with detailed summary and pictures. We push this event to every individual on the network who is interested in such kind of activities.

If you don't want to host the event and just participate with expert guidance, then we help you to connect with professional travel groups in your locality so that you don't need to do any hustle.

There is a range of events right from trekking, rappelling, Scuba diving, rafting, kayaking, bungee jumping, paragliding, etc. Our ultimate aim is to help you get away from your daily mundane life, give you the adrenaline rush of adventure and bring you close to the nature. We bridge the gap between Adventure seekers and experienced professionals. We also write interesting articles on adventure and travel which provide useful information to anyone interested in this field.

365hops is free, and it will always be free. You only pay to the host of the event (if there is any). But somebody got to pay to the passionate people who keeps the website going. So when you book the host through 365hops, we earn a small commission out of it to keep us alive. There is no additional cost to you.

Here is what these lovely travelers got to say about us:

Gaurav Baweja-"Had an amazing experience riding along the Mumbai coastal road...yesterday in the midnight cycling event. Will surely like to participate in more events like these."

Sumit Kumar Ray-"I recommend 365hops to who love adventure activities. Here you will find best choice for you. Service, package everything is excellent."

Manish Saraf-"365 hops have been really helpful for me to search adventure activities and they are very good. Also they have some really good packages which are not available elsewhere. Nice initiation."

Abhijeet Shukla-"For all those vagabond guys, 365hops is the zenith of destination, its enticing user experience immolating towards the welfare of every client. The mundane packages are solely dedicated for one hell of a ride. Use it, share it, and experience it."

Ajay Dhingra-"Very user friendly and helpful. I can compare all the adventure activities and book whichever suits me."

Gunjan Shah (writer for 365hops)-"365hops.com has enabled me to follow my passion for travelling. Writing articles on various destinations keeps me close to what I love and at the same time I also travel to those places."