Hop, pedal & brake through the streets of Mumbai

Just imagine – It’s been almost an hour since you are in your car, waiting impatiently for your car to move in the small lanes of Bombay, and you have already missed your workout. And while you swear underneath your breath like everyday, you see a bread delivery boy easily crawling through the traffic,with his […]


An Evolutive Tale Of River Rafting

Fuel for the adrenaline rush or to escape from the world in the middle of the water, there are several reasons why people are attracted towards Water Rafting. Colorado River through the Grand Canyon, Arizona, Zambezi River of Zambia, Chilko River in  British Columbia,  Futaleufu River in Chile, Colorado River through Cataract Canyon, Utah, Middle […]


Adventure Lovers Must Try This Out: Paragliding Iceland

Everyone wants flying, now with a combination paragliding tandem paragliding flight it’s the time to get it done in the South of Iceland, one of the most amazingly wonderful areas on the world. Paragliding is one of the most available and most secure types of free flight and you can easily do it with one […]


Taste The Waterfalls Around Mumbai By Rappelling It Down!

One of the most fascinating activities in adventure sports is Rappelling. It consists of controlled descend, down from a rock patch. It is one of the ways to reach the bottom of the rock patch in an interesting way from the top, instead of taking the longer, conventional way of climbing down slowly. The main […]


Trekking Around Mumbai – A Nirvana In Mountains

The first drizzle, the rain makes it’s way through the horizon, and slowly, covers the entire land in its spell. The winds catch up, directions change, and transparent droplets of pearls form on the green leaves, making them shine brighter and lush. The trees breathe and the nature slowly becomes alive. And the soul, desperate […]