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India offers countless avenues to enjoy trekking and 365Hops.com helps you identify these destinations in an easy and time-saving manner. You can find a wide choice of trekking in India trips that suit not only your taste but also your budget. Being an interest and location based portal, we help you plan your adventure trip as per your specific needs. Come and enjoy the treasures of nature as you trek along the mountain trails with diverse ecologies. You can rest assured that all the trekking packages offered on our portal will leave you completely relaxed and refreshed as you enjoy the pristine beauty of nature in a laid back manner. Some of the most famous treks within the India include - near Bangalore, Chopta, Hemkund sahib, Nag tibba, Kuari Pass, Dodital trek, Manimahesh and Roopkund.

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  • Pin Parvati Valley
  • Rajmachi
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