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Anjaneri Fort Night Trekking

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The fort of Anjaneri, being the birthplace of lord ‘Hanuman’, has a great historical importance. Lord Hanuman was son of Maharaj 'Keshari' and ‘Anjanimata’ also known the son of ‘Pavan Dev’ (the wind), and hence the fort is called as ‘Anjaneri’. 

Anjaneri village is at a walking distance of 10 to 15 minutes from Anjaneri Phata. Two pinnacles called ‘Navara’ and ‘Navari’ (Husband & Wife) can be seen from Anjaneri village.

On the way from Anjaneri village to the fort some carvings can be seen in the caves near the Ashram on top. The carvings are intriguing and eye catching. The temple of ‘Anjani Mata’, a big marvelous temple devoted to the mother of Lord Hanuman, is another attraction. The temple is quite big. It is a proper place to accommodate on the fort.

At a distance from this temple two different ways can be seen. The way to left hand side takes us to ‘Seeta cave’. This cave is made up of two rooms. 10 to 12 people can stay here comfortably. There are many carvings inside the cave.


Attractions : Sita Cave, Navara Navari Pinnacles, Anjani Mata Temple


Day 1

• Take the below Train from CST 
a. 10:50 pm Kasara Train from CST
b. 11:05 pm Dadar
c. 11:34 pm Thane
d. 12:07 am Kalyan
e. 01:18 am Kasara


Note: If you miss this train, it will be your responsibility to Reach Kasara Station by 1:30am latest.

• Meet our trek leaders at Kasara Station at 1:30am
• After a brief introduction session, start the journey towards our base village in private vehicle
• Reach base village by 03:00 am
• Start Trek after introduction round. Reach top by 5am
• Start Descend by 7:30 am
• Reach base village by 8:45 am
• Start Return journey and reach Kasara by 10:30am
• Take 11:15am Train to CST to reach CST by 1:25pm


No kids allowed below age of 3 years

Cost per person (INR)
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Where Nasik by Trimbak Road
Duration 1 Night
Difficulty Moderate
Capacity 30 Seats
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27th May, 2017
17th Jun, 2017
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