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Day 1 :    Trekkers will have to reach Joshimath from Haridwar by road. The town is 250 kms from Haridwar. The real trekking expedition will start from Jumma. You cannot reach Jumma from Haridwar directly. Hence, it is advised to stop at Joshimath on the first day. If you choose to initiate from Haridwar in the morning, you can visit, while passing, few famous places like Devprayag, Srinagar, Rudraprayag and Karnprayag.


Day 2 :   The trek would start from Jumma village that is an hour drive from Joshimath. It is located on the Joshimath-Malari highway. Necessary items for the trek like kerosene and groceries have to be purchased from Joshimath as the next shopping stop would be in Ruing village. Even there, chances of getting the entire list of items are less. The drive to Jumma village is not a smooth one. Tapovan, Reni, Lata, Suraithota and Phagti are few small villages which will fall on the way. From Suraithota, the road journey will take a pleasant turn; the roads will be smoother and the gushing Dhulaiganga River will be a convivial site to watch.


Day 3 :    Camping at the base of the Dronagiri Ascent has two main advantages; you will get closer to Dronagiri and confer the amazing climb through the landslide, and a clear stream that passes by the camp site also makes it a perfect place for camping. The track is similar to the previous day, a windy path sometimes going up and sometimes down. The road goes through a forest and is the sole track. Getting lost here is out of question. You can easily trace your way alone.


Day 4 :   A high ridge is reached though a meandering pass initially. The first site of Rishi peak is visible from the ridge. Bagini Nala is also seen from here. 30 minutes from the village the road will take you to a concrete bridge over the Bagini Nala, which is supposed to be crossed. Take the right hand trail from the point as the left one leads to kanari Khal, thence to Garpak village.


Day 5 :     The trek from base camp to Bagini Glacier and Changbang is a tedious and a long one. You will probably cover more ground than you had in the last couple of days. The only solution to carry on the trek is by preparing yourself mentally and physically and by waking up early to begin. Another reason why you should start early is because you can witness the radiant sunrise at the Changbang camp site. It takes approx 4 kms to reach the Changbang base camp from Bagini advance base camp. The walk is a steady, not too difficult ascend.


Day 6 :    The journey from here will be a monotonous one. You will have to go down the same route you choose to come up to the Base camp. A distance of 18 kms will be covered this day, but since it will be a descent; it is unlikely to feel tired and lose strength. Dronagiri village will be reached via Longatulli thence to Ruing village. An early start would help to achieve the day's destination. Night camps can be set in Ruing village again.


Day 7 :    Joshimath is the destination of day 7. Reach Joshimath following the same old route. The descent will hardly take three hours to reach Jumma village. From Jumma again a vehicle ride will take you to Joshimath. This trek if observed is done in a circular form; start and finish point in Joshimath. The Night can be spent in one of the guest houses; perfect time to relax your mind and body and envisage the last seven days of pure joy and achievement.


Day 8 :    Take the early transport available to Haridwar. You can also enjoy the beautiful town of Joshimath and cherish the last day of the trek and then head to Haridwar later. Thus ends the Bagini Glacier Trek that will definitely make a difference in every trekker's life in a positive way.




1. Backpack (Rucksack) (60 ltr -70ltr) with comfortable shoulder straps and back pack rain cover
2. Walking Stick
3. Water Bottle
4. Sleeping Bag
5. Head Torch & with Extra Batteries
6. Lighter




1. Down Jacket
2. Fleece Jacket & T-Shirt
3. Windproof Jacket
4. Windproof & Waterproof Trek Pant
5. Thermal Trouser
6. Woolen Hat
7. Waterproof Woolen Gloves
8. Gaiters
9. 2 Pair Woolen Socks & Light Cotton Socks


Foot Wear


1. Trekking Shoes


Miscellaneous Items


1. Sun Block for Lips
2. Sun Protection Cream
3. Sun Glasses it should be U/V Protected
4. Toilet Kit (Toilet Paper) & Quick Dry Towels
5. Water Purifying Tablets
6. Medical & First-Aid Kit





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