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Bhandup Pumping Station

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Nature trails will be a half day walk in nearby forest areas where we find some good birds, insects, reptiles. Trails will we lead by a wildlife expert. We will also be sharing few photography tips which can be helpful for you in clicking outdoors. Bhandup Pumping Station has been one of the hotspots for birding in Mumbai. We get to see Waterbirds, Few forest birds, grassland birds, butterflies, reptiles, etc.


Things To follow on nature trails:


  1. Please wear dull coloured clothes.
  2. Maintain silence in such places.
  3. Dont litter.
  4. Follow the Expert.
  5. Apply mosquito repellent cream.
  6. caps/hats suggested.
  7. Follow instructions given by the expert


Outing Schedule :


Meet up at Nahur Station at 6:30 am. Move towards Bhandup Pumping Station by Auto. Trail begins from entrance itself. We end up by 12:30 pm or max by 1:00 pm. Leave back for respective destination.


NOTE: One should follow the rules and regulations given by the Expert and should not leave the group till the nature trail ends. 



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Where Mumbai, Maharashtra
Duration 1/2 Day
Difficulty Easy
Capacity 35 Seats
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