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Bike Expedition one Can Plan in 2016


If there is any way to get a thrill jolt into your life while experiencing the wonders of the world, it is by going on a bike trip. As you wiz past the road putting kilometers behind you, this is a chance to experience the world like a movie passing in front of your eyes. Below are some of the best bike trips to head in this year.




Lahaul and Spiti Bike Expedition


A unique way to delve into the mystical land of Tibet is to be on a bike, and raid the land between India and Tibet, which literally translates into “the middle land”. This is the valley of Spite, which lies in the northern reaches of the Himalayas, and is in it’s very essence a reflection of the beauty of Ladakh.


Riding the bike and hitting the road, this road trip gives you a chance to come abreast with the local culture and way of life, experiencing the Kinnaur heritage in its full magnificence. It takes the riders through the picturesque village of Kinnaur, situated in the Sangla valley. From there, there is a chance to visit Chitkul, which is the last village which can be reached through a vehicle on the Indian side of the Indo Tibetan border. A lot of Buddhist monasteries lie on the biking route as well, such as Ki Monastery at Kaza and the Gompa, which can be experienced for the sheer bliss of Buddhist lifestyle. While on the bike, riders can also raid through the vast spread pastures in Kibber, which are expansive spaces of lush green and have been used as grazing grounds for centuries.




Ladakh Bike Expedition Srinagar to Chandigarh


Another cool way to lay the beautiful lands of Ladakh and experience the northern state of Jammu and Kashmir in India in a very unique way is to hobble along on a bike from through Srinagar to Chandigarh. The road trip can surely be called as a haven of high passes in the world, as it features the riders glazing past five of the ten highest and most known mountain passes in the world. The trip can be used as a chance to look around Srinagar, the capital city of Kashmir, and visit attractions such as Shankaracharya temple, Dal Lake, Wular Lake etc. The bike trip also passes alongside the beautiful valley of Sonmarg, where one can gaze along hoards of trucks loading goods to be sent over to Leh for the approaching winter, in the backdrops of beautiful snow clad peaks of the Peer Panjal.  Head along the Khardunga La road, which is the highest motor able point in the world, and experience the thrill on wheels. The roads trip takes you into the heart of the Buddhist holy land through Ladakh and gives the riders a chance to get up close and personal with the monks at the numerous monasteries enrooted.




Ladakh Bike Expedition Chandigarh to Srinagar


A thrilling experience in the true sense of the word is to whizz past the Leh Ladakh highway, which is like a trip through diversity. The trip flags off from the city beautiful – Chandigarh, which is the capital city to both the states of Haryana and Punjab, and is the centre of both cultures. The trip takes you through the lengths of Punjab, where delicious food can be enjoyed enrooted.


Another highlight of the Chandigarh – Srinagar Leh trip, especially for those who have a jingoist in them is the fact that it passes through the Drass sector in the higher reaches of the Pir Panjal. This is where the battles in 1999 were fought between India and Pakistan, and also enroute is the famous point of battle – Kargil. From here, the bike trip would meander towards the lost lands of Ladakh, meandering through the quiet high deserts of the region. This is a haven for the Buddhist culture in the world and is a home to a host of monasteries and temples. Also enroute the trip is the Khardunga La , which is the highest road which can be motored in the world.  The hill station and famous tourist destination of Manali will also be enroute, where you can get off and enjoy winter sport in the snows of the Solang Valley.




Weekend Bike Ride To Velas Harihareshwar


If you are done about so much in the mighty Himalayas, and are in the look-out for some adventure in the southern part of the country, then a bike trip to Velas Harihareshwar would do you a world of good. The biking road lies in the picturesque Ratnagiri district of the western Indian state of Maharashtra, and is a blissful experience to head out for. A major attraction enroute the trip is the Velas Bankot fort, which is known as a the place where Nana Phadnis was born. The recent times have seen the area being home to a famous turtle festival organized along the sea facing line of Velas, which attracts tourists from around the world to witness small Ridley Olive turtles.


This is also a chance to get into the way of the Konkani life and experience some mouth watering delicacies from the Konkani cuisine. The stay enroute will also be with local Konkani people, and will be a sneak peek into their daily routine.


Select at least one bike trip from the above list this year and make it a reality. This will undoubtedly be an experience of your lifetime, which will be cherished for long.



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