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Birding and Photography Trip at Bikaner & Kheechan

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“Raptor Mania” at Bikaner is one of the most thrilling birding experiences creating memories that last a lifetime! Join us to witness the reign of the majestic Birds of Prey and photograph their sheer power and beauty. 

With their sharp talons and strong beaks that easily tears apart flesh, broad wings that cover distances in great speed along with the powerful vision that can see for miles, Raptors are beyond doubt the rulers of the sky. This photo-tour is a fantastic opportunity for photographers of all levels of ability to get up-close with some of the most amazing and charismatic Raptors. The highlights of this tour are the Cinereous, Griffon and Egyptian Vultures as well as Steppe Eagles, not merely a few but with an extensive sight that is bound to stun you with their sheer numbers. Hence, higher the chances of capturing moments of these majestic birds basking, feeding, snatching and at times fighting amongst themselves for a bigger bite. We may also get lucky with sightings of a Long-legged Buzzard and Falcons like Saker and Laggar. Where the predators rule, the preys are definitely around. There are also good chances of us coming across the rare Yellow-eyed Pigeon along with other birds like the Variable Wheatear, Common Starling and Asian Desert Warbler. We will be spending three full days in the field during this trip in order to maximise our chances of sightings and photo-ops. We will also be going to Kheechan to experience the spectacle of huge flocks of Demoiselle Cranes feeding together. With large numbers in the offing, Kheechan makes it a great place to capture and experiment some unique images of these Cranes as well. 

This photo-tour brings along with it tonnes of opportunities to photograph the grandeur of Raptors and great chances of getting varied compositions like eye-level, habitat as well as tight portrait shots. On this tour led by Vipul Ramanuj, you also get to learn various aspects of photography with hands-on tips in the field itself to ensure that you don’t miss out on an opportunity in this photo-tour and thereafter. 

Dates: 14-15-16-17th January 2016

For more information and registration, feel free to call us on 9825714841 or email us on bikenhike.india@gmail.com

Cost per person (INR)
Date From 14th Jan, 16 to 30th Nov, 26
Where Bikaner, Rajasthan
Duration 4 Full Days
Difficulty -
Capacity 6 Seats
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