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Birding and Photography Trip at Little Rann Of Kutch

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Head out birding at the Not-so ‘Little’ Rann of Kutch with Bike N Hike to experience, explore and photograph its avian wonders. The vast expanse of this cracked land often gleaming with mirages has more surprises to it than what meets the eye. This seemingly infinite landscape hosts a large assortment of bird species mainly Raptors. The sunrise and the sunset here are those fascinating moments when the golden light reflects upon the enduring wetlands, resulting in lighting up the entire horizon and mesmerizing anyone who experiences this spectacle.

LRK has been a renowned destination for avid birders, naturalists and photographers alike. This tour is led by Vipul Ramanuj, whose experience with LRK goes back to 20 years. Vipul will share his extensive knowledge of this region (both field & scientific) with the participants. Being an exceptional wildlife photographer as well, his expertise will ensure a huge takeaway in terms of both birding & photography. Our primary focus during this tour is to observe & photograph different species of birds – residents, migrants as well as passage migrants. With Wild Asses kicking and running around loose, this habitat is a paradise for photographers. A unique habitat comprising of saline mudflats, marshes, scrubland and large seasonal wetlands, LRK is a haven for avian diversity ranging from waders to Raptors. Visited by a number of Raptors during this season we may come across Merlin, Peregrine Falcon, Common Kestrel, Imperial Eagle, Steppe Eagle, Greater-spotted Eagle and various species of Harriers. This place full of surprises as you never know you may just spot a Raptor on a kill or a bird that is extremely rare. There are chances of photographing the rare Hoopoe Lark and other species like Short-eared Owl, Desert Warbler, Greater and Lesser Flamingos, Pelicans, Common Crane, Long-legged Buzzard, Chestnut-bellied Sandgrouse, Sand Lark, Sykes’s Lark and Greater Short-toed Lark.

This tour is designed to give participants a huge takeaway in terms of learning and experiencing birding with experts in the field. Whether you’re a beginner in photography or an expert, have keen interest in wildlife or just passionate about birding, then this tour is just for you. This is also a wonderful opportunity to work closely with fellow photographers and wildlife enthusiasts as well. Our activities will involve making the most of the photographic opportunities PLUS gaining scientific field knowledge. 

This photo-tour will encompass: 
• THREE days and 4 drives (on 4 sharing basis) for intense birding and photography at various locations within the Little Rann of Kutch.
• Observing different species of birds, mainly Raptors and other wetland birds as well as mammals including the endemic Asiatic Wild Ass.
• Vital skills for bird photography like approach, techniques and what NOT to do when making images of birds will be discussed in the field itself.
• LRK is famous as the world’s last refuge of the Asiatic Wild Ass. We will be making the most of the opportunities to make great images of this gorgeous mammal as well.
• Learning nuances of photography in general with hands-on tips & techniques shared by experts both on and off the field. 
• The mesmerizing landscape of LRK, offers innumerable opportunities to experiment with your creativity and indulge in HDRs, Time-lapses and Scape shots.
• Majority of our time will be spent in the field to make the most of this opportunity, even if it involves adding a few extra miles.

22– 23 – 24th January ‘16

For more information and registration, feel free to call us on +91 9825714841 or email us on bikenhike.india@gmail.com 

This is not a leisure trip. This Photo-tour is exclusively for Wildlife Photography for 6 members only! Registration will be confirmed only after receipt of payment.

We look forward to you joining this experience that is unmatched!

Cost per person (INR)
Date From 22nd Jan, 16 to 30th Apr, 26
Where Little Rann of Kutch
Duration 3 Days
Difficulty -
Capacity 6 Seats
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