Adventure Lovers Must Try This Out: Paragliding Iceland

Everyone wants flying, now with a combination paragliding tandem paragliding flight it’s the time to get it done in the South of Iceland, one of the most amazingly wonderful areas on the world. Paragliding is one of the most available and most secure types of free flight and you can easily do it with one […]

Spiti Valley Package

5 Super Cool Places To Visit In June

“Every summer has its own story but mine is a novel.” As june comes, so does come the sun sucking on energy from our body. Drenched in sweat, all of us dream about sitting in the middle of the mountains enjoying cool fresh air and having the time of our life. So, I am a […]


Soar In The Sky, Paraglide In Ranges Of Bir Billing

Who does not want to fly in the sky and experience how it feels to be free in the air like a bird? Even if it’s just for a few moments? Thanks to the adventurous activities like Paragliding which lets one do so. And such experience becomes even more special when done in the right […]


Bask In These Summer Destinations Of India With Children

Before you plan the summer vacation with your Kids, read our experts suggestion. The sun is spreading out its shine, and it’s vacation time for almost everyone. With summer break, it’s so normal to feel the rush to explore new places around. But ‘how do I take my family on holidays while I have young […]

Wally still skydiving at 97 years old

The Oldest Person To Jump Out Of A Plane – Delton Walling

“Don’t wait for the perfect moment, Take the moment and make it perfect.” – Zoey Sayward Me – “So what should we do on your birthday?” Hubby – “Umm! Nothing. I have to work. May be next birthday.” Me – “Who knows we will be together till your next birthday or not. Let’s do something this […]