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Spend Summers In The Nature’s Arms

With summer approaching, the best thing to beat that summer heat is to surround and dive into the  water or to scale up the mountains of a colder region where you not only forget about the summer sun but also find yourself exploring a new place. River Rafting in Mohaka Located in the North of […]

kuari pass trek

Greet The Summer Heat In An Adventurous Way

Winter is fading out, and summer is finding its way back. So rather than to complain about the heat, why not step out and make the most of it? Here are some of the activities which will make you forget about the burning weather and enjoy every moment. Bir Billing Paragliding Dwelling 70km away from […]


3 Adventure Sports To Try Near Delhi This Weekend

As someone correctly said, ‘Sometimes you just need an adventure to cleanse the bitter taste of life from your soul.’ If you’re tired of your monotonous routine life every day, then we have these adventure sports to help you detox your soul. Adventure when mixed with sports, creates a whole new world of possibilities. You […]


The Four Days White Water Rafting Concludes In Rishikesh

The beautiful, adventurous journey of white water rafting expedition came to an end in Rishikesh. Popularly known as ‘Cockerel Gunners’, was organized by the Indian Army. It kick-started on 26th November and after rafting on the Ganga for four days, it was concluded on Thursday, that is 29th November. In order to keep the atmosphere […]


White Water Rafting Experiences In India

There are some adventure sports which fill your soul with thrill and excitement and at the same time need you to be seated tightly in the same spot. River Rafting is one of those adventure sports where you hold you tight to your raft, sit back and paddle your way through adventurous waters. It isn’t […]