The Four Days White Water Rafting Concludes In Rishikesh

The beautiful, adventurous journey of white water rafting expedition came to an end in Rishikesh. Popularly known as ‘Cockerel Gunners’, was organized by the Indian Army. It kick-started on 26th November and after rafting on the Ganga for four days, it was concluded on Thursday, that is 29th November. In order to keep the atmosphere […]


White Water Rafting Experiences In India

There are some adventure sports which fill your soul with thrill and excitement and at the same time need you to be seated tightly in the same spot. River Rafting is one of those adventure sports where you hold you tight to your raft, sit back and paddle your way through adventurous waters. It isn’t […]


National Level Rafting Competition Kick Starts In Arunachal

On Thursday, the first edition of ‘Arunachal Cup – 2018’, R6 national level rafting championship, kick-started at the Yomgo river, West Siang and was flagged by Liromoba MLA Nyamar     Karbak. The competition is organized by the Arunachal Water Sports Association (AWSA) and is in collaboration with the sports and youth affairs department. The competition, which […]

rafting at kolad 2

Live The Surreal Experience Of River Rafting In Kolad

Being In the middle of the chasing river, under the golden sunlight (or the thundering clouds, depends on the weather) listening to the rhythm of the gushing waves, and sinking your mind in the movement of the raft and excluding all the chaos of the outer world. Didn’t this create a pleasant feeling in your […]


An Evolutive Tale Of River Rafting

Fuel for the adrenaline rush or to escape from the world in the middle of the water, there are several reasons why people are attracted towards Water Rafting. Colorado River through the Grand Canyon, Arizona, Zambezi River of Zambia, Chilko River in  British Columbia,  Futaleufu River in Chile, Colorado River through Cataract Canyon, Utah, Middle […]