Summer Is Here: Try These Six Adventure Tips

With summer soaring in, people take to several adventure sports as their temporary escape. Adventure sports that is exciting and interesting make it an eventful summer for you. You gain experience and skip the heat of summer bothering you. If you want to try some of the adventure sports this summer, don’t miss on these […]


River Kali That Is Famous For Rafting In Nepal Might Shut Down

One of the most famous haunts for people looking to do river rafting, is river Kali. The natural border for India-Nepal that only stands second to Himachal Pradesh’s eclectic places for some nail-biting river rafting experiences, might close down indefinitely. The river flows from Nepal and enters India through Pithoragarh. The river stretch between Pithoragarh […]


Seven Majestic Treks of Uttarakhand to cherish on!

Adventure activities like rock climbing, river rafting, trekking, etc are major stress busters and offer a refreshing and rejuvenating experience. Of this none is more calming, tranquil and scenic than trekking. Hence in this world of the modern rat race, there has been a recent and continuous spike in the popularity of treks to certain […]


Eight Adventure Activities To Beat The Cruel Heat Of Mumbai

With the onset of Summer, the temperature is set to start soaring to varying degrees of unpleasantness in Mumbai. Combined with the humidity, the concrete jungle like structure and the traffic snarls, offers little respite if any, from the grueling heat and hum-drum. The varied adventure activities in and along the outskirts of this fine […]