Nubra Valley

7 Activities That Every Adventure Enthusiast Must Enjoy In Ladakh

Situated at a height of around 3000m above sea level, Ladakh is a land of high altitude ranges, picturesque trails, magnificent vistas comprising of high passes and deep gorges. The land is renowned for its unique beauty, which attracts countless visitors from across the globe to this destination renowned for its rich culture and mysterious […]


18 Things To Do In North East India

Hidden treasures lie uncovered in the pristine sect of India’s North East, primarily known for its vast forest cover, with a colorful culture. A step into this paradise reveals countless places to visit, and innumerable experiences to indulge in. Thriving on the beauty and quality, the seven sister states promise a transcendental time amongst them. […]


Millionaire’s Abodes: Top Luxury Hotels Of India

Cities might be famous for all kinds of things but there are these luxury hotels in metropolitan cities on which the spotlight is always focused. And there is no shortage of hotels with excellent luxurious facilities and hospitality in India. Because of growing number of tourists each year, the luxury hotels have been increasing their […]


Top 20 Lesser Known Wonders Of India

Jhumri Talaiyas of India are mystical places filled with beauty and secrets. From a lake formed by a meteor impact to a church that submerges, these places lay undiscovered and hidden from the spotlight. Any reader with an adventurous heart is bound to catch a breath at their description. Here’s introducing you to some of […]


Bollywood Movies That Inspire Wanderlust

11 movies that are all set to make you pack up your bags and roam ahead. 1. Queen Queen, along with being a woman’s take on freedom and about breaking the traditional stereotypes, also said a lot about finding one’s voice. The protagonist, after being left heartbroken by her fiancé, decides to go on her […]