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The most important journey you can take is the journey within. This is a journey to the truth of who you really are. This is the place, just beyond every day consciousness, where spiritual empowerment begins. Spiritual power gives you the power to choose creative thinking rather than automated thinking, response rather than reaction, peace, love and harmony rather than stress, conflict and chaos.


“Deep in the soul, below pain, below all the distraction of life, is a silence vast and grand – an infinite ocean of calm, which nothing can disturb; Nature’s own exceeding peace, which “passes understanding”. That which we seek with passionate longing, here and there, upward and outward; we find at last within ourselves.”


Brief about the “Healing” workshop

This workshop introduces one to spiritual , physical and transformational healing.It has been termed “ Alchemical healing” as it is based on the principle of alchemy ( a simple process of transforming lead into gold). It is a process by which each of us moves from our state of primal unconciousness through various alchemical stages ( represented by our experiences ) to the realisation of full awakening.

This journey embarks on a path taking one deep within oneself to discover the hidden treasures that each one of us has been blessed with. It helps us seek the “mani” , the lustrous gem, brighter than the brightest star embedded in the golden lotus. Healing is a beautiful process , an incredible journey of getting in touch with our own divinity, realising that deep down, all things are just ONE.

Location of the Workshop: Chopta-Tunganath

Located on the Chandranath Parbat in the Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand, Tungnath is one of the sacred Panch Kedar. It is the highest temple of Lord Shiva perched at an astounding elevation of 3,680mts above sea level. Magnificent in its architecture and artistic structure, Tungnath Temple is considered to be more than 1000 years old. The mythological background of Tungnath Temple is associated with the epic Mahabharata. Vyas Rishi told the Pandavas that they were guilty of killing their own brothers in the war and their sins would be expiated only if Lord Shiva pardoned them. Pandavas began to search Lord Shiva in the Himalayas and Lord Shiva kept avoiding them because they were guilty. In order to escape from the Pandavas, Lord Shiva disguised himself as a bull and took refuge at Guptakashi. He later reappeared at five different places as five different parts of the bull’s body. The places where the parts of the bull were found are now renowned Shiva temples. Tungnath Temple is the place where his hands (bahu) were supposedly seen. This highest temple of Lord Shiva is ironically easiest one to achieve. Tungnath Temple can be reached by an easy trek of 4km commencing from Chopta (2700mts). The trek goes through rocky terrains, green meadows and rhododendron bushes showering us with visual vistas of nature. The invigorating views of the imposing Himalayas boosts with confidence in the heart of the trekkers.


Detailed Itinerary:

DAY ONE (1):

Arrive at Rishikesh. (Overnight stay in Beach camp at Rishikesh)


o A formal introduction amongst participants and some life sharing.

o Standing circle meditation in the Ganga waters ( helping us start building a bond and a circle of trust with each other and Mother nature )

o Introduction to “Alchemical healing”.

DAY TWO (2):

Drive from Rishikesh to Sari – 4hrs: You will, for most part of the journey drive along the Ganga & Alaknanda River before turning into the Mandakini valley. Enroute you will be crossing the holy towns of Devprayag and Rudraprayag.

Trek from Sari to Deorital – 2hrs: Trek to Deoriatal is a gradual uphill all the way up to the beautiful lake of Deoriatal. Don’t miss the sunset view of the Chaukhamba peak. Watch the magnificent reflection in the lake. Deoriatal is a 700m diameter lake at 2438m elevation and presents a mesmerizing view at the top of a mountain. Deoriatal tal is surrounded by dense temperate forest Kedarnath wild life sanctuary and greater Himalaya seems just in hand distance.

o Listing of fears, insecurities that you may want to release. (this could be any situation , memories of lost loves , any aspect of our own selves that we may want to come to peace with)

o Healing by painting out negative energy to release the same. (This will begin with a guided meditation then move onto actual painting. This experience of painting in nature is transformational by itself)

o Forgiveness meditation (forgive to free yourself)


Deoriatal (2438m) to Chopta (3000m) Trek 5 hrs: Today you will encounter a mixed forest having oaks, pines, rhododendrons and a few more local varieties through-out the day. Also we start getting views of other snow-capped Himalayan peaks. (For those who cannot trek, we will provide the option of driving from Deorital to Chopta)

Chopta - Widespread meadows of about 50 km. Gangotri greater Himalayan range just In front of you. The evergreen forest of Chopta seems different in every season.

o Basic introduction to the 5 elements and creating the “Sacred altar”. (this involves actually collecting small tokens from nature that you can revere , which can connect you to being who you are)

o Animal spirit guide meditation (a simple guided meditation that will connect us to the spirit of our animal guide, detailed discussion on what various animal spirits stand for)

o Meditation to connect with a lost ancestor or loved one.


Chopta – Tungnath (3400m) trek 2hrs: The climb is demanding but short and extremely scenic. It will take about 02 hours to reach Tungnath temple. Religious or non-religious does not matter; just sit by yourself for a few minutes in the courtyard of the temple with eyes closed you will feel the positive vibrations.

o An in-depth detailed workshop on chakras (chakras are energy vortices present in our energy system, associated with the major glands, regulating all from our moods to what we manifest in our lives) their function and how they affect our lives.(in depth discussion of the 7 major chakras)

o Emotional release and letting-go. (issues relating to the 7 chakras)

o Be YOUR OWN HERO – story telling

Post the session, 01hr walk back to base camp at Chopta. Overnight in Tents.


Rest Day.

o Practice of the 5 ancient Tibetan rites and its benefits (stretches helpful to open up the energy system , make the body strong and increase focus)

o In-depth workshop on the 5 elements and self-initiation using the elements to activate the “Healer” within. (learn how to be a healer)

o Community healing. (a hands-on group healing session towards a natural disaster)

o Healing a loved one.

o Painting the positive in life (a painting session to visualize your dreams in life)

o Full moon release ceremony

o General discussion

o Gratitude

o (healing workshop ends)

DAY SIX (6): Drive to Rishikesh, followed by a session of rafting (optional). Trip ends here.



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