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Gaumukh Tapovan Trek

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Brief Itinerary


Day 1 : Dehradun to Gangotri 


  • Altitude 3100 mtr.
  • Pick up time 06.00 am at the parking of Dehradun railway station
  • Stay in Guest House
  • Drive 241 km (8 hrs)
  • Local Market and network is available
  • Route : Dehradun – Mussorie – Dhanulti- Chmba- Uttarkashi- Harshil – Gangotri


Day 2 : Acclimatisation day at Gangotri (10171 ft)


  • Altitude 10171 ft
  • Gangotri temple- Gangotri is one of Char Dhams of Uttarakhand
  • Acclimatisation walk around at Gangotri town
  • Stay in Guest House


Day 3 : Gangotri (10171 ft) to Chirbassa (11680 ft)


  • Altitude 11680 ft
  • 9 km, 5-6 hrs trek
  • Entire trek in Gangotri National Park

  • Accommodation in tent
  • Hot lunch serve at campsite
  • Campsite under the pine forest
  • Moderate level of gradual ascent
  • Spring and manmade water point are available
  • Evening acclimatisation walk


Day 4 : Chirbassa (11680 ft) to Bhojwasa (12435 ft)


  • Altitude 12435 ft 2-3 hrs trek
  • 5 km, 2-3 hrs trek
  • Accommodation in tent
  • Reached campsite for hot lunch
  • Easiest day of the trek
  • Moderate level gradual ascent
  • Birch (Bhojpatra) forests in the area
  • Ashram, police post and rest house available
  • Mt. Bhagirathi massif view from camp area
  • After lunch acclimatisation walk up to Gaumukh, the snout of the river Ganges


Day 5 : Bhojwasa (12435 ft) to Khada Pathar via Gaumukh (13452 ft) & Tapovan (14600 ft)


  • Altitude 14600 ft 5-6 hrs trek
  • Accommodation in tent
  • Hot lunch/pack lunch
  • No water points, it’s advisable to carry at least 2 liters of water
  • Challenging day of the trek
  • Carry energy bars, ors and water
  • Trek begins over rocky boulders and becomes noticeably steep gradually over the rocky terrain
  • Glacier covered with moraine so no need technical equipment
  • You might be see Moutain goat/Ibex near your campsite
  • Tapoan camp surrounded by giants - Mt. Shivling, Meru, Manda, The Bhagirathi group Kedardome, Kharchakund and many more


Day 6 : Tapovan (14600 ft) –Chirbassa(11680 ft)


  • Altitude 14600 ft 6-7 hrs trek
  • Descend down through moraine and glacier till goumukh
  • Accommodation in tent
  • Pack lunch
  • Pack lunch
  • Carry energy bars, ors and water


Day 7 : Chirbasa (11680 ft ) to Gangotri (10171 ft)


  • Altitude 3100 mtr. 4-5 hrs trek, 9 km
  • Accommodation in Guest House
  • Campsite under the pine forest
  • Moderate level of gradual descent
  • Spring and manmade water point are available


Day 8 : Depart for Dehradun


  • 240 Km
  • 8 Hrs Drive
  • Reached Dehradun by 5.00 PM


Who Can Go


  • First timer can apply, should have some interest in trekking and mountaineering.
  • The climber must be fit and have sufficient stamina to cover 5 km of distance in 30 minutes without a stress.
  • The climber should be able to carry a 10-15 kg backpack.
  • Heart problem, high blood pressure, asthma, and epilepsy cannot be reconciled on this mission. The climber must not have the conditions mentioned above.


Detailed Itinerary


Day 1 :- Dehradun to Gangotri


Get all set to begin the journey from Dehradun at morning 6. The day will be longer as you will cover 241km to Gangotri. It will be wonderful 8 hours ride along the mighty mountains. 

Located at only 35kms from Dehradun, the first major attraction will be Mussorie, the famous hill station. The Hill station offers majestic sight of Shivalik Ranges. After a break for lunch and a bit of sight-seeing through Dhanulti, Chamba, you will arrive to the land of Gods, Uttarkashi. 

Uttarkashi lies on the banks of river Bhagirathi. You will see all the temples and religious people around, making you believe that you truly are in the land of Gods. The river Bhagirath takes you to the scenic Harshil village. Harshil is known for apple orchards everywhere giving a retreat to your eyes. Harshil is the best place to enjoy the serene evening amidst mountains. 

Even after long ride to Gangotri, you would wish it shouldn’t end. Gangotri is on the banks of river Bhagirathi, pervaded by pilgrims. You can roam in the local market, interact will local people and share amazing pictures to your friends, because of the good network availability. In the night have great homemade dinner and rest in the guest house.


Day 2 :- Acclimatization day at Gangotri


Good morning in the holy land of Gangotri! Have breakfast and enjoy the entire day just being alive in the religious vibes. Now that you are at 10171 ft height, today is the day for acclimatization. Acclimatization is like health supplement to your body to get used to the environmental and low temperatures. While doing that, you can take the advantage of being in Gangotri, one of the four Char Dhams. The Gangotri temple is the biggest temple which was built in the 18th century. Apart from that you can visit the BhagirathShila, a holy rock where King Bhagirath worshipped lord Shiva and PandavaGufa where Pandavas were rested. 

You will see many foreigners meditating and roaming around. Spend the night in the guest house and get ready for the upcoming trek.


Day 3 :- Gangotri to Chirbassa


Have full breakfast and take steps ahead to embark the trek through the mountains. You will be walking through the pine forests alongside the astounding Bhagirathi river. There will be gradual ascents but it will be easy 4-5 hours trek. Throughout the route beautiful Sudarshan Parbat (21,345ft) will accompany you. You will also come across some waterfalls and streams at which you refill your water bottles. The entire walk will be in the Gangotri National Park. 

Towards the end of the trek you will be welcomed by boulders of the Sudarshan peak, just cross them and you will reach the campsite. 

This will be the most scenic campsite, with the Bhagirathi river gushing on the right, lying in between the mountains under the pine trees. Campsite offers the first views of the Bhagirathi Sister peaks, Bhagirathi I, II and III ( 6856 m, 6512 m, & 6454 m respectively) sharing space with Manda Peak, Bhrigu Parbatetc. 

Revive yourself by having lunch. Enjoy the blissful evening by the side of Bhagirathi river, you can also take acclimatisation walk to explore the area. To make the day more adventurous you will be spending night in the tents.Of course, besides the flowing river, between the mountain peaks, under the pine trees…!!!


Day 4 :- Chirbassa to Bhojwasa


Wake up with the stunning fluorescent views of sun rays on the mountain peaks, get refreshed to trudge again. This will be the easiest 2-3 hours trek having gradual ascent. The trail widens up now with more closer views of the Bhagirathi peaks. You will across some landslide sections easier to walk upon. After the trek, you will find a plain terrain where tents will be laid for you, that is Bhojwassa. 

The Bhojwasa came from Bhopatra trees or the Birch trees, which are in abundant there.This is the widest part in the valley serving you the first view of Mount Shivling. You will find ashram, police post and rest house, also some igloo like houses. You can opt staying in those houses but that require permissions. 

Chill around in the noon after having lunch at the campsite. You can capture the splendid camping area, as you walk into the Gaumukh, the end of the Gangotri glacier. Spend the cosy cold night in the tents.


Day 5 :- Bhojwasa (12435 ft) to Khada Pathar via Gaumukh (13452 ft) & Tapovan (14600 ft)


The day has arrived when it will be the strenuous and longest day of the trek, so eat full, get packed lunch, fill water bottles (there are no water sources on the route), carry energy bars and lots of excitement.

The trek to Gomukh is fairly easy. Gomukh is the end of the Gangotri glacier and hence the source of the divine Ganges river. Gomukh basically means cows mouth, it is believed the snout looked like cows mouth in past. Most religious people consider it as a blessing to visit Ganges. Even if you are not religious you will be astonished to see how huge the snout is and how small you are in front of it.

The trail from here gets steeper and filled with rock boulders. The rock moraines on the glacier make the climb difficult, but it also means there is no need of technical equipments. You can use a trekking pole to ease the climb. The final trek to Tapovan is a rocky terrain, once you cross it you will be pleased to be in the best-known meadows with closer view of the magnificent Mt. Shivling.

Tapovan is famous for the Sadhus who come here for meditation. It is also the base camp for the expeditions going to Mt. Shivling. It offers the direct, bigger sight of Mt. Shivling which is considered one of the most sacred and beautiful mountain. Do not miss the sight of Mt. Meru and Bhagirathi peaks.

After gruelling trek, Tapovan serves as perfect place for solitude. Here you will find mountain goats roaming around, just as you are. End your strained yet memorable day by resting peacefully in tents


Day 6 :- Tapovan to Chirbassa


Rise early to cherish the few last moments in front of legendary mountains who are shining in the bright sun rays. Mt. Shivling looks prettier as never before, passing its beauty to the adjacent peaks. Together they all make a spectacular sight. It is then time to take these memories back after having breakfast. Carry packed lunch and enough water as you did earlier, because there are no water sources.

Yes, again you have to cross the rocky terrain and moraines of the glacier. Descending is difficult than ascending they say, you will realise this now as you make way around the boulders.Watch your steps and move gradually. Try to relive the moments while you retrace the steps.

After steep descend to Gomukh, walk down the terrain alongside Bhagirathi river. It will be a 6-7 hours trek till Chirbassa. Then you will be back to the same pine forests. Not to your surprise, you will be camping near the river, in between the mountains, under the pine trees...!!


Day 7 :- Chirbasa to Gangotri


Wake up to realize that this will be the last day of the trek. Trek for around 4-5 hours covering 9km to Gangotri. You will enter again in the Gangotri National Park. You can catch up streams and waterfalls to refills water bottles. Say good bye to the Bhagirathi and other mountain peaks as their sight now disappears.

Have hot lunch and dinner in the guest house. Pack to return to Dehradun and thereby to your lovely homes.


Day 8 :- Depart for Dehradun


Have a final cup of morning tea in the mighty land of Gangotri. Say final good bye to your fellow trekkers, exchange numbers, and lots of memories. Take a wonderful group picture and get into the cab that will ride you back to Dehradun. This will a 8 hours ride, between the mountains, valleys and Bhagirathi river. The river which guided us throughout the trek.

You will reach Dehradun by 5PM, from here you can lead your return journey as you have planned. Make sure to take back loads of adventure filled memories and take a pledge to come back to the mountains.


How to Reach


By Air :- 


Jolly Grant Airport is the airport serving Dehradun, located about 25 km from the city. There is a daily flight from Delhi to Dehradun


By Train :- 

Take the overnight train to Dehradun from Delhi

  • Nandadevi Express - Train no: 12205 (Departure 11:50pm; Arrival - 5:40am)
  • Dehradun Express - Train no: 12687 (Departure - 9:10pm; Arrival - 5:00am)


By Bus :- 


There is regular bus service from Delhi to Dehradun, from Delhi’s ISBT Kashmere Gate.

We would suggest you to take only government buses from ISBT Kashmere Gate. Private buses ply from outside ISBT and they are not trust worthiness.
Usually buses drop you at Dehradun ISBT. From there you have to come to Dehradun Railway Station


  • TTH’s Tata Sumo or similar vehicles will pick-up you from Dehradun Railway Station at 6:00am.
  • Pick-up is included in the cost of the trek
  • You will reach Gangotri by 5:00 pm
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