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Giant Swing Rishikesh

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Bungee jumping is a great adventure sport that has become popular in Indian only over the past several years. However, even during this short time, the activity has enthralled countless people, especially youngsters, who flock Rishikesh, the adventure city of India, in large numbers. The Giant Swing Rishikesh offers a unique way of enjoying bungee jumping from a fixed platform.


Located at a height of 83m, the platform has been designed and is operated by the experts in the field from New Zealand. It is the highest jumping site in the region and across the country and hence offers the highest levels thrill and excitement for adventure seekers. The drop zone for the jump is located in the small and peaceful village of Mohanchatti, which is located just across the extremely famous foot bridge of Lakshman Jhula.


In order to ensure the safety of the participants, the operators adhere to some basic standards listed below.




  • The jump cannot be undertaken by people below the age of 12 years.

  • The participants need to have a minimum weight of 20 kg and a maximum weight of 130 kg.

  • The participants need to use the various safety harnesses as instructed by the operators.

  • The jump cannot be carried out by more than two people in tandem.


All the harnesses are connected to fixed wire ropes which are regularly tested for strength and flexibility. One the participants jump off from the platform, they enjoy a free fall for some time before the ropes become taught and cause them to smoothly swing across the drop zone. This exhilarating experience is something that can be only enjoyed best by participating in the activity!




Cost per person (INR)
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Where Rishikesh
Duration 1 Day
Difficulty Moderate
Capacity 50 Seats
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6th Jan, 2018
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