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The Garhwal region of the Himalayas is home to some of the most breathtaking scenes and natural landscapes which the Himalayas have t offer. Being the hest mountain range above sea level in the world, the entire, map of the Himalayas is scattered with peaks and summits. The Har Ki Dun is another well known peak, which is famous amongst the trekking circles as it provides a very memorable experience to trek to. The peak has an absolutely stunning valley alongside in the Garhwal region, which is a hanging valley and looks almost like a cradle to the rich flora and fauna which resides the area.


The Har Ki Dun valley is mesmerizingly beautiful, with an alpine coverage in and around most of it’s covered area. The trekking and walking trail along it are covered with light snow in the winter months and is a delightful experience to walk down from. This is why the trek can be enjoyed throughout the year, enjoying the beautiful views of the river which meanders through the valley.  The Har Ki Dun valley trek has many local villages enroute it, such as Seema, Taluka and Osala , and this gives the approaching trekkers a chance to have a glimpse of a very simple and grounded style of living of the locals.


The Har Ki Dun Valley is in the lap of some towering Himalayan peaks in the background, which can be seen greeting you all through the trek. The most prominent one amongst these is the daunting ‘Swargarohini’ peak to the east, which has a special place in the Hindu scriptures and fables popular in the region. It is believed that the eldest of the five Pandav brothers in the Mahabharata – Yudhishthir had scaled this peak in his pursuit to reach heaven post the epic war had ended.


DAY 1 : Dehradun to Sankri - 198 km Drive

DAY 2 : Sankri- Taluka (12 Kms by Road ), Taluka- Seema (12 kms trek)

DAY 3 : Seema- Kalkattiyadhaar (7 kms trek)

DAY 4 : Kalkattiyadhaar-Har ki Dun (7 kms trek)

Day 5 : Har ki Dun - Seema (14 kms trek)

Day 6 : Seema- Taluka (12 kms trek), Taluka- Sankri (15 kms by road)

Day 7 : Sankri - Dehradun (198 Kms by Road)


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Where Uttarakhand, India
Duration 7 Days / 6 Nights
Difficulty Moderate
Capacity 12 Seats
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10th May, 2018
24th May, 2018
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