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Jamnagar Bird Photography Tours

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Jamnagar, a birding hot-spot is not only great for observing the mesmerizing bird life but also serves as a great opportunity for photographers to compose incredible images at close distance. Our tour is led by Vipul Ramanuj, a biodiversity expert with special interest in herpeto-fauna and wildlife photography. Being a regional expert and having spent several years studying and photographing the habitat and the wildlife, Vipul will share his knowledge of this region with the participants.


During this trip, we will be visiting 5 different areas Khijadia Bird Sanctuary, Marine National Park, Dhichda, Balachadi and Lakhota Lake, each having their own specialty in terms of habitat and chances of sighting avid bird as well as marine life. Birding here is bound to leave one euphoric with the sheer number of waterfowl present. With the wetlands carpeted pink by large flocks of Lesser Flamingos, Pelicans swimming in perfect formation as they prepare to nose-dive for the catch of the day along with Ducks, Storks, Gulls, Geese and other Waders ambling through the water all together create an exclusive kaleidoscope of birds.


Apart from the resident and migratory birds, chances of sighting rare birds like Indian Skimmer, Crab Plover, Eurasian Oystercatcher, Ruddy Turnstone are in plenty. Add to these, watching /photographing the live synchronized acrobatics performance by millions of Rosy Starlings at Lakhota Lake is definitely an event that ensures a complete birding experience. While exploring the riches of Jamnagar we will not only be learning about various bird species and their identification but also practice various ways to overcome challenging field conditions faced by photographers to get that perfect shot. Here you will have time, ample time to compose images and boost your creativity.



We take you on the field with focused photography of a single wildlife species. This curated on field learning experience offers you several benefits like:

  1. A to Z handholding by a photography mentor.
  2. Concretization of fundamentals like basics of camera functions, important camera settings for wildlife photography, Smart tricks to improve your photographs.
  3. Emphasize on mastering camera functions as per the situations like flight shot, fight sequence, silhouette, against the light object shooting etc.
  4. Allowing you to make many mistakes and understand the right way of fixing them.
  5. Helping you tackle tricky manual modes without any hassle.
  6. Teaching the art of shooting every single wildlife species in 6 different themes namely Documentation portrait shots, Close up & Extreme close up shots, Habitat shots, Action shots, Behavioral shots and Creative shots.


Day 1 :


Reach Jamanagar by 9.30 am. Reporting at hotel president at Jamanagar by 10.30 am. Ice breaking session followed by room check in.  Lunch followed by first on field photography session. Post sunset back to hotel.  Before Dinner we meet up and have a discussion on today’s photography session, field learning’s followed by a technical session on creating better photographs. Dinner & lights off.


Day 2 :


Early morning with first light we head on for another field photography session (4 hours session). Post lunch gear up for another in depth field photography session. Pre -dinner photo review and problem solving session by our photo-mentor. Dinner & lights off.


Day 3 :


Early morning we head for our last on field photography session (2.5 hours session). Back to hotel for breakfast. Check out. Q&A Session & Conclusion of the camp. 

Tour concludes with a great ending !! Proceed towards your respective destination by train / flight.




This is not a leisure tour but a dedicated on field photography learning camp. It involves multiple walking trails in countryside rugged places, waiting patiently at same spot, sometimes crawling or lying flat on your belly on floor.

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