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Kayaking in Chapora River Goa

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Kayaking In Chapora River Goa – Adding To A Perfect Holiday Experience


Goa is one of the most popular exotic holiday destinations in India and is primarily renowned for its beautiful beaches and fun lifestyle. However, there is another aspect of holidaying in Goa, which most people are generally unaware of. This is the opportunity to take part in a wide range of adventure activities that are conducted mostly within lush green natural surroundings and over the various water bodies present in the region. Kayaking in Chapora River Goa is one such adventure activity that people visiting the state can enjoy and add to the fun and thrill of their perfect holiday.


The Chapora River is one of the six rivers that flow through Goa and enjoying a kayaking trip makes it possible for the participants to enjoy the great natural beauty surrounding them. The rivers together support a thriving mangrove habitat, which is home to a wide variety of wildlife. The easy paced boating trip in the small kayaking boats helps the participants to experience the mesmerizing appeal of the mangroves located only a few feet away.  Many times, they can also sight animals like herons, cormorants, kingfishers, and frolicking otters, which inhabit the mangroves. Depending upon the time of the year, the kayaking participants might also get to enjoy a view of entire flocks of migratory birds.


Enjoying the fun of kayaking across the calm waters of Chapora River does not require the participants to possess any special skills or high level of fitness. In fact, the trip can be enjoyed even by complete novices after going through a short basic training. However, some operators might not allow participants who do not know how to swim. The 2 hour long trip helps the kayaking enthusiasts to enjoy a relatively lesser known aspect of the beauty and charm of Goa in a relaxed manner. It helps to enhance the overall excitement of a perfect Goan holiday by unravelling the rich biodiversity of this small island state.


DEPARTURE LOCATION : from Chapora River


Operational Hours  :  10:00 AM – 5:00 PM




  • You can wear Swimwear or swimsuit, Shorts and a t-shirt or tights, but not loose clothing like saris or veil. Also wear strap on rainy sandals that will give you a grip when in water.


  • Please carry your towels and pair of clothes to change. Do not carry valuables like watches, jewelry or anything you cannot afford to lose.

PHYSICALITY  :  Participants should be above 12 yrs of age and below 110 kgs for safety reasons

PICK UP - DROP :  Can be provided at an Additional Cost.


Cost per person (INR)
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Date Selected Dates
Where Chapora River Goa
Duration 2 Hours
Difficulty Moderate
Capacity 40 Seats
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17th Dec, 2017
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