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Kenya Masai Mara Wildlife Tour

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1. Tour Lead By Experienced Wildlife Expert

2. Majorly Focused On Migration With 03 Full Day Safari Expeditions

3. Safaris In Open Roof Land Cruiser For Better Photography

4. Maximum 4/5 Travellers In Per Vehicle For Safaris

5. Stay In Premium Resort At Naivasha & Wildlife Camp At Masai Mara

6. 03 Wildlife Photography Sessions On Tour From Expert

7. Visit To Masai Tribe Village

8. Limited Group Size Tour


Day 1 : India-Nairobi (Flights reach Nairobi in the evening)

Arrival into Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, after you disembark off the flight, clear with immigrations and custom procedures. You will be then met by our representative, welcomed and briefed about your safari. Transfer to hotel. Overnight at Nairobi.Dinner and Overnight at Nairobi. (Meals : Nil)


Day 2 : Nairobi to Lake Naivasha (120 Kms, 2.5 hrs) 

After breakfast depart for Lake Naivasha for lunch at one of the hotels. After lunch an exciting game drive by boat is planned for the afternoon. Lake Naivasha is part of the Great Rift Valley. The game in this park is plentiful and the magnificent bird watching will make a devotee feel out in the paradise. The Park is a home to stunning flocks of lesser and Greater Flamingos, which literally turn the lakeshores in to a magnificent pink stretch. The bird life here is world renown and over 400 bird’s species exist here, including White Pelicans, Plovers, Egrets and Marabou Stork. It is also home to a sizaeable population of Hippos. Such amazing sightings will be followed by Advanced Wildlife Photography Workshop conducted by our Wildlife Photography Expert in order to prepare you all to shoot the Great Migration at Masai-Mara. Meals and overnight at a Lake Naivasha . (Meals : BF, Lunch, Dinner)


Day 3 : Lake Naivasha-Masai Mara Game Reserve (230 Kms, 4.5 hrs) 

After breakfast, drive to Masai Mara Game Reserve. Arrive in time for lunch at our resort. This afternoon, enjoy game drive in “The World Famous Masai Mara Game Reserve’’. The Masai Mara Game Reserve is often called simply “The Mara” – a Masai word meaning “mottled” – a reference to its patchy landscape. The Reserve covers 1,510 sq km (580 sq miles) and raises 1,500-2,170 meters above sea level. The terrain of the reserve is primarily grassland and riverine forest with clumps of distinctive acacia trees. The Masai Mara ecosystem holds one of the highest lion densities in the world and this is where over two million wildebeest, zebra and Thompson gazelle migrate annually.

It hosts over 95 species of mammals and 570 recorded species of birds. The wildlife of the Masai Mara is world-renowned, with the so-called “Big Five”- buffalo, elephant, leopard, lion and rhinoceros – evident throughout the year. The “Big Nine” – including cheetah, zebra, giraffe and hippo – extends this experience. The Masai Mara plays host to the ‘Annual Migration’ but whatever the time of year the resident wildlife will surely enthral and entertain all who visit this wondrous Park. This day will be followed by Picture review sessions, where one can share the clicked pictures of the day with our Wildlife Expert and get Trips and tricks to make it much better and sharp with added composition to it. Dinner and overnight at Masai Mara (Meals : BF, Lunch, Dinner)


Day 4 + Day 5 + Day 6 : Masai Mara Game Reserve 

Morning and afternoon game drives in the Masai Mara Game Reserve. And the day arrives where we will be visiting 8th wonder of the world, where millions of WildeBeest fight their way out to reach the lush green Masai grasslands loosing out their loved ones in the process. It is a journey of more than 1000Kms covering two countries Tanzania and Kenya, across vast plains where they have to fight through all the odds. All the predators Lion, Cheetah, Leopard they grab this opportunity with both the hands and makes maximum kills during this migration period. One can witness the major drama of life and death when millions of Wildebeest cross over the Mara river and Crocodiles take their chance to make the most of it. Its one of its kind phenomena to witness, and great opportunity to make some brilliant compositions. Our Expert will be constantly helping you out understand light technique and way of composing your pictures on field. We have 3 full day game drive at Masai Mara giving us a great and wide opportunity to focus on various subjects. The last day will end with a Post-Processing learning session which will give your picture the last finishing touch required. We suggest you to carry your laptop preinstalled with Lightroom 6.1 version, it will help you to get a handon experience of post processing from our expert. During our stay at Masai Mara we will be taking you to the local village, so that to understand lifestyle and culture of tribals staying at Masai Mara. Dinner and overnight at Masai Mara (Meals : BF, Lunch, Dinner)


Day 7 : Masai Mara Game Reserve-Nairobi-Depart (250 kms, 5.5 hours) 

After breakfast drive to Nairobi, arrive in time for lunch at an Indian Restaurant (on own). After lunch, Enjoy city tour of Nairobi and last minute shopping before you are transferred to the Airport for your departure flight back home (Meals : BF) The trip ends with some lovely sightings and great learnings.


Important Instructions : 

This is to inform you that Kenya has enforced a ban on the use of plastic bags from 28th August 2017. This ban infers to the use, manufacture and importation of the banned plastics within Kenya and especially affects plastic carrier bags. All guests traveling into Kenya with duty free plastic bags shall be required to leave the bags at the entry points and seek alternative carrier bags. We request that you do not carry plastic bags whilst visiting or working in Kenya as there are penalties for those caught with them. If you have a plastic bag containing duty free items, we advise that you exchange the bags with a woven one provided on board and give the attendants your plastic bag for disposal. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this ban.




  • Kenya Visa: Client can take online as well as on Arrival USD 50 Per Person
  • Yellow fever Vaccination is mandatory and should be taken atleast 10 days prior to departure. Click Here for Details !
  • Polio Vaccination also is mandatory and should be taken atleast 4 weeks prior to departure




Time Difference : Kenya is 3 hours ahead of GMT.


Visa : All travellers must have current passports valid for 60 days after the expected departure date from Africa. The visa can be obtained through a Kenya/ Tanzania embassy in advance of your trip or upon arrival at the airport/entry point.


Currency Conversion : The currency of Kenya is Kenyan Shillings (KES)


Languages Spoken : Kiswahili is the National language and English is widely spoken.


Learn to speak Kiswahili : A few words go a long way in making things easier for you in a new country…so here goes!!!

Jambo – Hello
Habari! – How are you?
Mzuri Sana – I am fine, thank you!
Sisemi Kiswahili – I can’t speak Swahili
Hapana – No
Ndiyo – Yes
Asante sana – Thank you very much!
Kwaheri – Good bye!
BiaBaridi – Cold beer!





Please pack in a couple of small soft duffel bags (NOT in hard suitcases), to facilitate loading in the small luggage compartments of the light aircraft that fly you from place to place. Your hand luggage should include your camera equipment, toiletries, medicines and a change of under clothes. 

On internal flights, the total luggage limit, including hand luggage, is 33 pounds/15kgs per person.


Clothing: What to pack?

Kenya is casual. Please bring neutral colours. Remember, as there is lots of dust, khaki is always good. The best method of dress is layering. Early morning and evening game runs call for a sweater/fleece or windbreaker over a cotton long-sleeved shirt. A T-shirt or short-sleeved cotton shirt is good for mid-day. Hats are a must. Cotton or poly trousers, shorts, sneakers or comfortable hiking shoes are recommended. 

Evenings are cool around the campfire but casual. A fleece with a light-weight turtle neck and jeans are perfect. Safari style jackets/vests are convenient for photographers with their many pockets for film, lenses etc.

For the Day:

• 2 to 3 pairs of shorts , 5 to 6 cotton shirts, bathing suits. 

• Enough underwear , socks and hankies.

• Sunscreen, 2 pairs comfortable walking shoes, hats or caps.


For the Evening – warm clothes for the cool:

• 1 safari jacket, or 1 light weight jacket, or a fleece jacket or a windbreaker , 2 long sleeve shirts.

• 2 pairs casual trousers.

Also remember to bring:

• Insect repellent (for the body) any special medications or prescriptions (bear in mind that you may not find your prescriptions in Kenya so bring enough)

• Extra pair of prescription glasses and sunglasses, contact lenses – as it is dusty bring ample cleaning solutions .

• Small, lightweight flashlight, lotions, kleenex, moisturisers, chapstic.

• Personal cosmetics, toiletries, scarves, money belt, binoculars – extremely important.


Dos and Don’ts while on safari


• Don’t photograph the people or their homes and livestock without asking permission first, and don’t be offended if you’re asked to pay for the privilege—it’s customary in some areas, particularly with the Masai who expect payment.

• Don’t encourage your driver to go off road on safari to get closer to the animals. Some will happily do this for the promise of a tip, but it is against national park rules and destroys the environment for the animals.

• Do stock up on insect repellent and general medicines in case you suffer from minor ailments while you are out on safari without access to a pharmacy or a doctor.

• Do take more camera film or memory cards than you think you’ll need. There are great photographic opportunities on safari, and most people get carried away taking photographs of animals. If you run out, it is very expensive to buy film or cards in the national park lodges.

• If you are going on a Safari, watch your clothing choices. Prefer dull colored clothes and avoid Bright colors (such as whites, pink, orange, fluorescent colors etc)

• When on safari, please do not get out of your vehicle, unless you are told it is safe to do so. Do not attempt to go for walks outside the lodge premises, when staying in game lodges/ camps.

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