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Minimum Age : 18 years and above


Weight Limit : Min 35 Kgs And Max 120 Kgs


Over the past decade or so, white water rafting has become a popular adventure sport in India amongst people of all age groups. Consequently there has also been an increase in the demand and discovery of new destinations offering this thrilling activity. For people living in and around Mumbai, the small hamlet of Kolad offers a perfect destination to enjoy river rafting near Mumbai Maharashtra. Unknown to many, it is the only destination that is open for rafting all year round, which enhances the fun and excitement of the sport even more.


The small town of Kolad is located at a distance of about 140 kms from Mumbai and just 110 kms from Pune. This makes the destination a popular choice for people seeking an option of river rafting near Pune. The activity is performed on the majestic Kundalika River and provides the participants with a unique opportunity to connect with nature. The activity can be easily carried out over a weekend, enabling the rafting enthusiasts to feel refreshed and relaxed and get back home well in time for resuming their everyday activities.


The activity of Kolad river rafting is carried out on the 13 km long stretch of the Kundalika River. It is done on the let off section of the hydroelectric project set up on the river and offers great thrill and fun to the adventure seekers. Most of the rafting runs are offered by the locals in the area who have become proficient in the various aspects of this water sports.


Given the large rush of adventure enthusiasts, who visit Kolad all year round, it is often referred to as the Rishikesh of Maharashtra. It is place where people come to get drenched, enjoy the spray of water all around them. They shout their lungs out while holding on to dear life as their raft battles with the gushing water that makes them feel the full force this seemingly calm element of nature which is also the essence of life.


Best Time To Enjoy Rafting


Even though river rafting in Kolad is open to participants all year round, the best time to enjoy this activity is between the months from June to October. During this time Kundilka River is at its full bloom, which enhances not only the fun of the rafting activity but also enhances the beauty and appeal of the surroundings. As the participants revel in the excitement and pleasure of crossing a variety of mild and fast rapids during the rafting season, they are also left dazed by the unique natural beauty that engulfs them on all sides.


A Word Of Caution


In order to enjoy the fun and thrill of white water rafting in Kolad, it is important for the participants to follow the instructions and guidelines of the trainers. In most cases, every rafting expedition is organized by trained professionals who impart the basic training to the participants before they are allowed to board the rafts and enjoy their adventure.

Kolad Lakeside Camping On New Year Eve



1) Briefing and introduction session about river rafting activity by an experienced leader
2) Enjoy rafting in Kundalika River for 4 hours
3) Guidance and supervision by a trained and certified instructor
4) Lunch at Pooja farm – the best option in Kolad for both veg and non-veg food
5) Clean and hygienic room facility for changing at Pooja farm available
6) Pick up and drop facility from Mumbai provided




Assemble at 5:15 AM at Dadar and proceed towards Kolad. Our Kolad River rafting tour begins as we reach the starting point of rafting by 9 AM. An introduction or briefing session is taken before starting the river rafting activity. The activity will begin at 9:30 AM and you can enjoy rafting in the wild rapids of Kundalika River for around 3 hours. After wild rapid white-water rafting, we go for a hot and delicious lunch in nature. And after resting a bit leave back for Mumbai.

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Where Kolad
Duration 1 Day
Difficulty Easy
Capacity 15 Seats
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