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Malana Rashol Kasol Trek Himalayan

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Malana is connected to Kullu by three mountain passes - it can be reached from Parbati valley crossing over the 3180 metres rashol pass and via Naggar over the 3600 metres beautiful Chanderkhani pass. For the outsiders, there is a long list of do's and don'ts to be followed in the village. The people are friendly but outsiders are told to keep distance and not to touch anything in the village. Malana is divided into two - upper malana (dhara beda) and lower malana (sor beda).


Below the Chanderkhani pass of the Kullu valley lies a small cluster of around two hundred stone roof houses constituting a village called Malana. Its inimitable culture and the temple of Jamlu distinguish the village. The village consists of around 1500 inhabitants and has an impeccable system of administration with a higher and lower court guided by the spirit of village god Jamlu. Malana stands out as an autonomous self-sufficient unit whose inhabitants claim Greek ancestry. Some stories about the village called "a little Greece," this village in the interior of the Himalayas is its architecture, language, worship rituals and autonomous administrative system. The unique geographical location of Malana has enabled it to preserve its biodiversity and it is an ecological haven.

Region : Malana and Parvati valley

Max. altitude : 3660m / 12007ft


Tentative Itinerary:


  • Day 01: Drive Manali (2040m) - Naggar (1800m) - Rumsu (2060m) 26 kms, Trek to Chaklani. 5-6 hrs.
  • Day 02: Trek to Chanderkhani Pass (3660m) - Nagruni (3400m). 5-6 hrs.
  • Day 03: Trek to Malana (2650m). 5-6 hrs.
  • Day 04: Malana dam 2 hrs. Visit Kasol (1600m) - Manikaran (1700m) - Tosh (2450m) and to Manali 6-7 hrs.


Detailed Itinerary:


Day 01 : Drive Manali (2040m) - Naggar (1800m) - Rumsu (2060m) 26 kms, Trek to Chaklani. 5-6 hrs.


A short pleasant drive along the left bank of Beas river to 500 years old Naggar Castle. Naggar was once former capital of Kullu valley. The 11th century stone temple, Roerich art gallery at cottage which displays the paintings and works of famous Russian painter who lived in Naggar during 1930s. Making a short visit to these place we continue to ancient village of Rumsu, starting point of our trek. Soon after Rumsu we trek through forest of Deodar, Chestnut and pine. Passing through the Ganachalani (2700m) or Rumsu (meadows) and arriving at 3000m open meadows starts to appear as well as Beas valley become visible. Now further climbs up through rhododendron forest to beautiful campsite of Chaklani. Camp at Chaklani.


Day 02 : Trek to Chanderkhani Pass (3660m) - Nagruni (3400m). 5-6 hrs.


A lovely trail which leads to pass through an open meadows offers splendid view of Dhauladhar range and Beas River valley. Arriving at Pass spectacular view Malana glacier, Parvati valley and main Great Himalayan range. Continue to trek along the North ridge line for several minutes and on East Ridge for several minutes. We descend through rock gully, Birch groves to open meadows at Nagruni. Overnight camp at Nagruni.


Day 03 : Trek to Malana (2650m). 5-6 hrs.


Leaving Nagruni we will pass Dadru village to Malana. Dadru is summer settlements of Malana villagers where they produce barley, potatoes and other vegetables.

Malana is an ancient village and people in village claims themselves to be the descendant of Alexander’s army. Malana is known for its unique social system and you will find precautions for outsiders at near the main temple and within the village. We explore the village and daily life of local and our camp is set outside of Malana village.


Day 04 : Trek to Malana dam 2 hrs. Visit Kasol (1600m) - Manikaran (1700m) - Tosh (2450m) and to Manali 6-7 hrs.


We descend soon after camp to valley floor and levelled walk along the Malana River through Oak and conifer forest to the road head. Our vehicle is waiting for here and we drive Jari across the Parvati River and at first visit of Manikaran hottest sulpher spring and continue to magnificent village of Tosh in Tosh valley. Finally drive back to Manali via Kullu.


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