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1) Breakfast Ride At South Mumbai – A Delicious And Healthy Experience


Exploring a quiet and crowd free Mumbai is a dream cherished by countles people living in the city. An early morning cycle ride across the beautiful locations of South Mumbai is one way to realize this dream. The unique and fun filled ride enables the participants to witness an entirely different phase of Mumbai besides providing them an opportunity to share exciting stories and make new friends. Most participants are surprised by the mesmerizing charm and appeal of the various famous hot spots located in this part of the city, including Worli Sea Face, Shivaji Park, Gateway Of India, Nariman Point and Bandra Bandstand.


The refreshing touch of the morning breeze and the peaceful surroundings, create a completely different impression of these otherwise highly crowded locations. The occasional rant of tea sellers heard by the cyclists as they pass by the boundless roads with their countless lanes and by lanes full of solitude, is nothing less than a divine experience. The ride also provides a great opportunity for photography enthusiasts to click some amazing shots of their favorite hotspots without the interference of a relentless crowd of visitors. And the best aspect of the ride is the delicious breakfast that the participants get to enjoy at the end of the event. The whole experience proves to be extremely enriching and enjoyable and provides each participant with beautiful memories. 


2) Mumbai Midnight Cycling Heritage Ride – Offering A Different Outlook Of The City Of Dreams


In the recent times Mumbaikars along with countless tourists have discovered a new way to explore the city of dreams and opportunities, by opting for a midnight cycle ride. The opportunity to ride the crowd free streets of the city, while enjoying the various famous heritage sites, is too good an opportunity to miss. As a majority of the city goes off to sleep, the adventure enthusiasts venture out for a night stroll that is as fun filled as it is mesmerizing. With no horns honking and no crowds milling around the various heritage sites, the riders get to enjoy a completely different view of the city that they can just imagine in their dreams.


What makes the midnight heritage ride even more enthralling is that it is carried out on bicycles. This adds a nostalgic tough to the whole adventure with the participants reminiscing their childhood or even teenage memories when they lived a carefree and happy life. The ride provides the participants with a unique opportunity to make new friends and strengthen their bonds with old ones as they take in the beauty and grandeur of the city surrounded by the almost still silence of the night. The laid back adventure is just the perfect way to relax and de-stress without travelling out of the city and in a budget friendly manner. 


3) Mumbai Midnight Cycling Coastal Route – Experiencing A Different Aspect Of The City


Riding along the coastal border of Mumbai city at the dead of the night is one of the most thrilling experiences. The salty sea breeze, the soothing sound of waves and the clam and peaceful settings all combine to have a relaxing effect on the participants of this exciting bicycling trip. The ride enables the cyclists to enjoy a completely different facet of Mumbai which remains hidden behind the rush of crowds and the sharp sounds of relentless traffic during the day time.


The renowned landmarks that are interspersed on this cycling route take dazzle with a unique appeal and charm. Their true beauty and grandeur becomes clearly evident in the absence of seas of people surrounding them on all sides. The occasional chaiwala passing along the route helps in keeping the participants feeling fresh and energetic through the 25km long ride. These small tea breaks enable them to admire the beauty of their surroundings in a laid back and relaxed manner.  


The company of like-minded adventure enthusiasts makes the ride even more exciting and fun filled. As the participants share exciting information about the various famous hot spots of the city, they develop a strong bond of friendship rooted in their love for the city and their passion for cycling. The enriching ride offers a truly unique perspective of the city to the cyclists.


4) Cycling Ride To Alibaug – A Truly Enriching Experience


For people seeking a refreshing getaway close to Mumbai, Alibaug is definitely the best option. Enjoying an outdoor cycling trip at the destination will leave the participants completely relaxed and refreshed while also providing them an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature. This fun and adventure trip is extremely exciting and affordable and since it can be completed within a single day, it is the best choice for professionals looking for an opportunity to de-stress without taking too long a break from work. The trip helps the participants to not only rediscover the joy of spending time with raw nature but also to redefine their priorities.


The clear blue skies, the glittering sandy beaches and the refreshing landscapes beckon the participants to explore the vistas of Alibaug. As the participants traverse over the empty roads an uneven terrain, they enjoy the thrill of the cool crisp breeze awaking their numb senses and making them feel alive. The diverse sights and sounds of this small town boasting of rich Konkan heritage often leave the participants mesmerized and craving for more. Enhancing the fun of the trip even more is the delicious Konkan meal that tingles much more than just their taste buds. The enriching experience offered by the trip is what makes it so popular and motivates the cyclists to repeatedly enrol for it after a regular gap. 


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