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Nag Tibba Summer Trek

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It is only an avid nature lover or a trekking enthusiast who can really appreciate the joy of watching over a hill or a mountain peak. Scaling the heights of these peaks is an adventure and a challenge in itself, but it surely is the sweetest challenge which any person can ever be faced with. The sweet part of the challenge lies in the fact that the entire trekking or hiking experience would be full of spaces providing the trekkers with some spectacular and most natural views of the mountains and valleys in their full glory – an absolute setting for some great soul searching. The Nag Tibba is one such peak in the Himalayan range, which is amongst the highest , and the most revered ones, which in turn gets the pulse of any trekking enthusiast racing at it’s very thought.


The Nag Tibba is the highest of the hills range of lesser Himalayas, which resides majestically in the Indian state of Uttarakhand. The Tehri Garhwal region in the state of Uttaranchal has a mountain range, which derives its name from this very peak – ‘the Nag Tibba Range’. As opposed to most other treks in the heart of the Himalayas which start from and penetrate into some distant and remote locations, the peak of Nag Tibba is in close vicinity to approachable and most known hill stations of Tehri Garhwal. The peak lies in close proximity to the famous tourist destination of Mussorie, and also has a major army cantonment in the vicinity – Landour at 16 kilometers. The Nag Tibba range is amongst the sub ranges in the Himalyan belt, sitting besides the likes of Dhauladhar and the Pir Panjal.


Just like most other important peaks in the Himalayas, the Nag Tibba peak also has a legend to it and is revered amongst the locals. As the dwellers of the mountains are affected by the presence of snakes in the region (which are known to affect cattle and villagers), the locals pay offerings to the peak as a home to the snake god himself – the ‘Nag Devta’. The Nag Tibba top   has a small temple as well in the glory of the snake god, and this can be pleasantly trekked from the foothills in just over 3 kilometers. The trek to the peak can be approached from two sides – from Devalsari and Panthwari, the latter one being a bit more challenging and complicated.




Day 01 : Dehradun to Pantwari – 95 km drive and 4.5 km Trek to campsite


We begin the day early from Dehradoon. This way we can avoid the traffic towards Mussoorie and Kamptee falls. Mussoorie is 22kms from Dehradoon and Kampteefalls another 17kms further. After an hour later we reach Pantwari village and begin our ascent to our camping site.With mules carrying the luggage one can enjoy the village setting and life. The trail is mildly steep from here until the Kathian Campsite.


Day 02 : Trek from campsite to Nagtibba top and back to Pantwari – 12 km; Drive back to Dehradun


We start the second day post breakfast and climb to the Nag Devta temple. It is an ill maintained temple premise with no pujari but the locals come here frequently to pay their obeisance. The trek down is easy and fast and can be covered in a couple of hours. We then proceed onwards to Dehradoon by our transport.

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Where Uttarakhand, India
Duration 2 Days / 1 Night
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