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Namik Glacier Trek 2019

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Namik Glacier is a famous Glacier in Uttarakhand State and derives its name from Saline Water springs that are present near this Glacier.Namik Glacier is located in the Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand state in India. The glacier is situated on the Kumaon Himalayas at an altitude of 3,600 m (11,800 ft). It is known that this glacier is the source of the Ramganga River.

The glacier is surrounded by the following peaks: Nanda Devi 7,848 metres (25,748 ft), Nanda Kot 6,861 metres (22,510 ft), and Trishuli 7,120 metres (23,360 ft). The glacier falls on ancient Indo-Tibet trade route. It is 23 km trekking from Liti and situated at the villages of Gogina and Namik.

There are a number of waterfalls and sulphur springs originating around this glacier. The glacier can be reached by trekking from gogina. It is 63 kilometres from Bageshwar. 

Day 1:

Participants arrive from various parts of the country by various modes of transport i.e. Train, Bus, Taxi, Self Driven vehicles, etc. to Kathgodam/Haldwani.All the trekkers are requested to report by 8 AM at the reporting point at Kathgodam Railway Statiion by 8 AM positively. Then participants are taken to Bageswar. Bageswar is aboout 5-6 hours drive away from Kathgodam. Bageswar gains its importance as it is located where Saryu and  Gomati rivers merge together. There are lot of hills and mountains surrounding Bageswar. These include Agni Kund, Bhileswar, Nileswar, Suraj Kund, etc. After reaching Bageswar, trekkers will spend the night there and enjoy the calm and serene surroundings of Bageswar.

Day 2:

Drive from Bageshwar to Gogina (1,950m) (76 km)

After having their breakfast, trekkers will start their journey for Gogina. On the way, they will be able to see Kapkot village which is a small and beautiful village. After reaching Gogina, trekkers will stay in shared tented accomodation/homestays depending on the availability. Gogina is located in the middle of Ram Ganga Valley near the foot hills of Nanda Kot.

Day 3:

Trek from Gogina to Thaltop.

After an early breakfast, trekkers will start their first day of the trek tl Thaltop from Gogina.  They will be provided with packed lunch.There is no habitation or human population along the trek route. The participants will pass through pictureseque route thereby enjoying mesmerising views of Panchachuli ranges. After reaching Thaltop, trekkers will stay in shared tented accomodation for the night. Trekkers are expected to sleep early so as get maximum rest after the first day of trek so that they are all set for day 4 of the programme.

Day 4:

Trek from Thaltop to Nandkund.

Day 4 of the trek begins with a nutritious and healthy breakfast and then passing through Ram Ganga River Valley to reach Nandakund. The complete trek for the day and Nanda Kund will offer beautiful view of snow capped peaks and icy mountain ranges of Nanda Devi and Nanda Kot. Such beautiful silvery views will take the tiredness of the day's trek away in a moment. These are the unique things trekkers crave for. Trekkers will spend the night in shared tented accomodation.

Day 5:

Trek from Nandkund-Namik Glacier-Nandkund

Day 5 of the programme unfolds with the most exciting trek from Nandakund to Namik Glacier after 5 kilometers of trek wherein trekkers will ascend to Namik Glacier. Namik Galcier spreads about 3 kilometers in length and it appears as if Nanda Kot peak is just a step away. Trekkers will get some time to relax and enjoy the beauty of snowy peaks and mountains. After having their packed lunch, trekkers will descend down to Nandkund. The sense of achievement of climbing the peak and reaching the Namik Glacier will take some time to sink in and will bring lot of excitement to the trekkers. After a day packed of excitement, its time now for sleep and spend the night in shared tented accomodation at Nandkund.

Day 6:

Trek from Nandkund to Thaltop

Trekkers will have their breakfast and descend down to Thaltop from Nandkund. They will continue to take note of exhilirarting beauty offered by the region. After reaching Thaltop, trekkers will camp overnight there.

Day 7:

Trek from Thaltop to Gogina.

Trekkers will have an early start to the day after breakfast and trek to Gogina from Thaltop. The route will pass through Namik Village. The trek is an easy one and takes you to Namik Village. After spending few hours at Namik Village, once again trekkers will trek to Gogina. On the way they will pass through Kimu, a very small village. Trekkers will spend the night at Gogina.

Day 8:

Drive from Gogina to Kathgodam. (225 km)

After morning's breakfast, we bid adieu to the trek and carry back ever lasting memories to our places. It takes around 8-9 hrs to reach Kathgodam from Gogina. The participants will be able to take the buses to Delhi and other nearby places. 

Trekkers who plan to extend their stay and explore more may contact for further information and arrangements at very competitive prices and itienraries.They can email at care@365hops.com


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