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Nanda Devi Base Camp Trek

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For people seeking an unforgettable trekking experience in the Himalayas, the Nanda Devi Base Camp Trek is definitely the right choice.  The trek enables the participants to get the closest view of the beauty and grandeur of the second highest peak of the Indian Himalayas and its twin peak. The picturesque view of the snow-clad twin peaks makes for a mesmerizing sight that remains etched in the minds of the participants for the rest of their lives.


The astounding but difficult trekking trail follows the ancient trade routes between India and Tibet and takes the participants up to an altitude of 4000mts above sea level.  The 10 day long trip requires the participants to cover a total distance of 108 kms during which the trekkers get to enjoy a glimpse of the challenging yet colorful life of the local people along with some of the most picturesque views of nature.


The surreal nature that surrounds the trekkers throughout the entire trail constantly inspires them to move on towards their destination. The winding trail passes through exhilarating passes, lush green forests and amazingly beautiful meadows. There is also a constant spread of exotic range of flora and fauna, most of which is indigenous to this part of the Himalayas. Despite the challenges and the difficulties, the trail provides a remarkable experience to the participants.


What make the trekking trail truly unique is that it follows a circular route that commences and ends at Munsiyari. However, the trail is quite slippery and prone to landslides at many places, which makes it somewhat risky. However, it is this very risk factor that appeals to adventure enthusiasts, who take part in this enthralling trek in large numbers. 


Maximum Altitude  :  3900 M

Total Trekking Distance     :  108 Kms




DAY 1 : Arrive in Munsyari (2290 M)


DAY 2 : Munsiyari to Lilam (2000 M). 7 Kms Trek, 2-3 Hours


DAY 3 : Lilam to Bugdiyar (2700 M). 13 Kms, 6-7 Hours


DAY 4 : Bugdiyar to Rilkot (3200 M). 15 Kms, 7-8 Hours


DAY 5 : Rilkot to Ghangar (3300 M). 12 Kms, 6-7 Hours


DAY 6 : Ghangar to Nanda Devi east Base Camp. (3900 M), 7 Kms,3-4 Hours


DAY 7 : Nanda Devi East Base Camp


DAY 8 : Nanda Devi East Base camp to Rilkot. 19 Kms, 7-8 Hours


DAY 9 : Rilkot- Bugdyar. 15 Kms, 6-7 Hours


DAY 10 : Bugdyar – Munsyari. 20 Kms,7-8 Hours



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Where Uttrakhand
Duration 10 Days / 9 Nights
Difficulty Moderate
Capacity 15 Seats
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6th Oct, 2018
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