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A Permanent Refuge Hut Built At Rohtang To Save People From Blizzard

Tag : Rohtang Pass, Manali

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Manali: Blizzards, sudden snowfall, high velocity winds and unpredictable weather are the events which keep happening every other day at the mountain pass in Manali. And thus during such emergency, A permanent rescue hut has been built on Rohtang Pass top where people in an emergency can take refuge. Any person can make the most of it during emergencies and take refuge as the hut will remain open all the time. A large number of people, mostly pedestrians, have lost their lives while crossing 13,050 ft high Rohtang pass, the gateway to Lahaul valley. Rohtang can receive up to 30 cm snow in just 10 minutes. Wind velocity here reaches over 200 km per hour and blizzards make visibility completely zero.  The hut is built near the highway for easy visibility for the people. Lahaul-Spiti deputy commissioner Vivek Bhatia said, “The rescue hut is built close to the highway and easily visible.”


Source: Nyoooz