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A Rope-Way Project Is All Set To Promote High End Tourism In Goa

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In a bid to attract more tourists and providing them with more amenities, Goa tourism has partnered with a private operator to provide rope way services. Tourism minister Manohar Ajgaonkar at state assemble revealed that apart from rope way, services like zip-line and sky diving are also there on the plates.


The ropeway will connect the serene river banks of Panaji and Reis Magos that lies at the two ends of the Mandovi River.

ropeway project in Goa

The extraordinary “state-of-the-art project” will have international ropeway systems and not just that, it will also have recreation and entertainment tourism activities like a 4D aquarium, revolving restaurant, artificial skiing and artificial surfing facilities etc.


“The project will be unique and will attract tourists to Goa. The project is to be taken up on DBFOT (Design, Build, Finance, Operate and Transfer) mode. GTDC (Goa Tourism Development Corporation) has already executed an agreement with Royal Rides Private Limited,” Ajgaonkar said in a written reply.

Goa Beach

Were a Bollywood film is normally made at a budget of more than Rs. 100 crore, this project aims to provide a permanent and high-end entertainment place at a cost of approximately Rs. 157 crore. This project will be executed in partnership with Royal Rides Private Limited, a private enterprise.


Ajgaonkar mentioned the project will have a “positive influence on economic activity in Panjim and Reis Magos and will aid in the upliftment of the surrounding areas too”.

Ropeway project in Goa

“The project will be one of the landmark projects for the state as it is unique with state-of-the-art facilities. It will help in easing the heavy emphasis on beaches and adventure tourism by providing innovative and high-end tourism infrastructure to the state,” he added.