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After Ganga & Yamuna River, Even Himalayas Are Sought To Be As Jurisdiction Person

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NAINITAL: In a surprise move, the Uttarakhand high court had declared the Ganga and Yamuna as “living persons” a few before. Now a plea by a Nainital-based advocate has asked the Himalayas to also be declared a “juristic person.


"The whole of the Himalayas, along with its forests, lakes, streams, waterfalls and all its natural wealth, should be declared a juristic person on par with the rivers Ganga and Yamuna." As stated by the petitioner, Lalit Miglani. Hearing the petition, a division bench of justices Rajiv Sharma and Alok Singh said "glaciers could be considered for the status". The hearing will resume on Thursday.

River Ganga

 "Ganga originates from 'Gomukh' glacier and Yamuna from 'Pindari', and both these glaciers are situated in the lap of the Himalayas, the natural border of the entire north India and the 'Crown' of India. Since both pious rivers have been declared as 'juristic persons', without according the same status to their respective origins, their entire juristic personality will not be completed." As stated by Miglani, a high court lawyer.


On March 20, It was the same bench who declared Ganga and Yamuna as "legal and living entities having the status of a legal person with all corresponding rights, duties and liabilities of a living person". The move was to ensure the preservation and conservation of the two rivers and to protect the recognition and faith in society.



News Credit ::   Times of India