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Authorities Gear Up For Smooth Traffic Regulations In Ladakh

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A meeting was held by Chief Executive Councillor (CEC) of Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council (LAHDC), Sonam Dawa for smooth regulation of traffic as the tourist season begins soon!


As discussed by, Dr. Dawa, The eco system of Ladakh has got massively hit by the increasing traffic snarls. “To minimize the impact on environment, we must collectively find a way out,” he suggested.


Dr. Dawa told in the meeting about upcoming multi layer parking facility in the heart of the city. It should accommodate at least nearly 250 vehicles at a time. He has asked the taxi union to vacate their space so that they can start working on new parking space.

Smooth Traffic Regulations In Ladakh

An underground parking lot at Polo Ground has also been suggested to meet the growing demand. The administration has been directed to ensure parking space while issuing permits.

Deputy Commissioner Prasanna Ramaswamy declared that 25 crore fund have been sanctioned for the parking space in the city. Existing bus and taxi union and others will be relocated to a new place. Unauthorized check points along the National Highway has been instructed to be removed and keep a check on it.

The meeting discussed on various issues which included traffic management, retiring of 15 year old vehicles from service, erecting of unnecessary barricades at various locations by army, self driven hired cars in view of court case on the matter and operation of non local taxis.

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