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Till The End Of This Month, Manali Is Odd And Leh Is Even On Its Highway In Between

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 In a surprising move, District administrative has implemented odd - even rule on Manali - Leh Highway to commute from Manali to the tribal district Lahaul Spiti. The system would be implemented from Monday. As Delhi gears up for its second phase of odd - even rule, the same has been implemented simultaneously on Manali - Leh Highway.


Rohtang pass is quite famous for horrifying traffic jams. People have to leave very early from Manali in order to avoid traffic jams. But vehicles here have the same advantage that the insects have over human intelligence: fecundity.


Talking to HT, deputy commissioner (DC) Lahaul Spiti Vivek Bhatia said, “I was receiving regular reports of vehicles stuck for hours between Manali-Koksar in the snow-bound area right after the Border Roads Organization Authority (BRO) opened the Rohtang Pass, the gateway to Lahaul Spiti for traffic. This forced the administration as well as BRO authority several times to conduct rescue operations for stranded visitors to evacuate them to safer places.”


“In view of the safety of people travelling on this route, we decided to adopt the odd and even formula to avoid traffic jam,” he added. But this rule has nothing to do with the vehicle number plates.


“On odd dates, vehicles would be allowed from the Manali side towards Lahaul Spiti while on even dates, vehicles would be allowed from Lahaul Spiti side towards Manali till the end of the month. BRO authority would clear the snow for parking purpose in the next few days, which may help to run smooth traffic for locals moving towards Lahaul Spiti” said DC.


But it raises an important question whether this rule may go down well with the frequent users of this highway or not. Manali - Leh highway opens only for 3 months in a year. And on top of this the odd - even rule may cause more restrictions on using the Highway.


 – First reported by Hindustan Times.