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White Water Rafting In Goa Might Finish Earlier Then Its Usual Schedule

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 Valpoi: Monsoon is a hot season for white water rafting, especially in the western and southern parts of India.


Mhadei River in Goa is currently hosting this adventure water sport in full swing. But due to less rain, rafting might have to be shut early then its usual time. White water rafting typically lasts for about four months and sometimes it even extends till mid – October. But due to the shortage of rains, this year might play a spoilsport.

White water rafting in Mhadei River

Durga Kumar, a rafting instructor from Southern River Adventure Sports Pvt Ltd said "We might have to shut down before September end because of less rains".


GTDC (Goa Tourism Development Corporation) conducts river rafting through Southern River Adventure Sports Pvt Ltd. As the rain starts pouring in the month of July, the river rafting is resumed on Mhadei River. Unfortunately, this year it started only in July due to dull rains.

White Water Rafting in Goa

The pattern continued from last year as even during last season the white water rafting had to be wrapped up earlier than usual due to weak rains. "We need strong rapids to make rafting, otherwise it's not possible. It is only possible if there is a heavy rain activity with water gushing down strongly," said Kumar.


Durga Kumar makes sure that the participants don’t violate safety instructions during the process of river rafting which lasts for 2 hours! He also discuss about the flora and fauna that is the part of the Mhadei River basin.

Rafting in Mhadei River Goa

The white water rafting activity was introduced in Goa five years ago. Since then, it has got tremendous response for Goa tourism. Tourists, who normally prefer Goa’s cliché beaches, were open to the experience of river rafting.

Rafting take place in the interiors of Valpoi, that is about 50km away from the popular Calangute-Candolim beach belt. "We have more Indian tourists than foreign. Foreigners do come, but they are few," says Kumar.


Kumar points out that white water rafting in the Mhadei river basin is an experience that one must witness at least once!


Source - TOI