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Paintball in Yelahanka

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Bangalore has over time attracted many people from the country being the center of the Information technology industry in India. What's more is, there are plentiful adventure as well as fun activities that are waiting to be explored around the area.


Not Just For Individuals

While there are many activities that are for individuals, the level of excitement and fun is certainly much high in team activities. Paintball in Yelahanka is once such activity that must be explored


we provide other activities like:-


Paintball - Rs. 400 Per Person

wall climbing - Rs. 250 Per Person

Body Zorb - Rs. 350 Per Person

Water roler -Rs. 250 Per Person

Archery - Rs. 250 Per Person

Trampling - Rs. 250 Per Person

Pool Table - Rs. 250 Per Person


Completely Safe


With the masks the players wear and the jumpsuits, it is completely safe. In addition, there is no direct contact among the players. This minimizes any risk of injuries. The sport is less aggressive in comparison to other team sports.


A Great Team Building Activity Alternative


As two teams play against each other, it is a team activity. The game constitutes setting up a strategy to win over the other team by hampering their progress and hitting (with paint) the opponents. Thus it focuses on team work skills of the players.


Easy to Reach


Being a suburb of Bangalore, reaching Yelahanka is not a challenge! This makes booking a session of paintball at Yelahanka the ideal decision for corporate and organizations that are looking forward to arranging a team building activity.


  • Where :

    Allasandra, Yelahanka, Near Jakkur Flying Club, Bengaluru


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Where Allasandra, Yelahanka, Near Jakkur Flying Club, Bengaluru
Duration 1 Day
Difficulty Easy
Capacity 70 Seats
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1st Oct, 2017
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Allasandra, Yelahanka, Near Jakkur Flying Club, Bengaluru

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