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The wise ones have said travelling and trekking, there is another one which tones down ones ego and gets us close to our very nature. This is what has encouraged adventurers and travelers to go meandering into vast mountain spaces for centuries, in search for not just some mesmerizing views and unforgettable experiences, but also for inner peace and a sense of achievement in their lives. Today as well, trekking is a very popular outdoor activity and the Himalayas are thronged with trekkers with varied experiences throughout the year. Although the hills are a home to some spectacular treks which suit trekkers with all sorts of experience and skill levels, there are some treks which can be scaled by any trekker- even the most novice ones. The Panwali Kantha trek in the Dhauladhar range of the Himalayas is one such lesser known, but absolutely stunning trekking experience.


The Panwali Kantha trek will be an exquisite experience of trekking, which will take you through varied scenic landscapes enroute. The trek offers options to start and end at different points in the hills,, as per the convenience of the trekkers. While one route goes from Sonprayag and ending at Ghattu village, there is another one which ends at the Trijuginarayan temple. The latter route is more for the summer trekkers as excessive snowfall in the winters makes the region around the Trijuginarayan temple inaccessible in the winters.


Panwali Kantha is a beautiful meadow in the Garhwal region of the Himalayas, but is unique as it is very less known to tourists. It has some remarkable landscape to gaze upon, and is also the growing turf for a host of well known medicinal herbs. In addition to this, when the spring season comes into full bloom in the months of April and May, the entire trekking trail gets ornated with  pink and red colored rhododendrons.


The trek runs along the route which takes pilgrims from Gangotri to Shri Kedarnath, and hence offers the trekkers a chance to witness the entire mountain range of Yumnotri- Gangotri- Kedarnath- Badrinath enroute. Other mountain peaks such as Chaukhambha, Kedar Dome and Thalay Sagar etc can also be witnessed during the length of the trek. The summers see lovely green bughyals in the meadows and enroute the trail, while the winters gave the trekkers a chance to walk through heavy snowfall amongst the flora and fauna which call the region their home.



Day 1 : Dehradun to Ghuttu

Day 2 : Ghuttu to Pobhagi

Day 3 : Pobhagi to Panwali Top - Raj Kharak

Day 4 : Raj Karak to Gaurmanda

Day 5 : Gaurmanda to Ghuttu to Dehradun

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Where Uttarakhand
Duration 5 Days / 4 Nights
Difficulty Moderate
Capacity 12 Seats
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9th Feb, 2018
17th Mar, 2018
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