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Parasailing in Bangalore

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Parasailing in Bangalore


We organise Parasailing on every Saturday and Sunday in Bangalore. For any other days other than weekends, we require a group booking of a minimum of 25 persons. We also undertake corporate bookings in and around Bangalore.

Parasailing is a recreational aero sport activity where a person is towed behind a vehicle while attached to a parachute. It is different from paragliding which is free flying. This can be done by beginners without any adventure background or any hard training. It is done in a controlled environment under the supervision of a highly experienced ex IAF officer and qualified Aeronautical Engineers, though all activities are exposed to certain calculated risk.

Parasailing is more stable and efficient, especially during the ascent mode. So wake up and challenge the fear inside you as you indulge in this adventure sport. You will certainly enjoy the bird’s eye view. The smile on your face is worth saving in your archive as you make a happy landing. This activity is based on weather conditions and body weight of the participant.

At present we specialise in land based Parasailing and is carried out using a tow vehicle. Both solo and tandem flights can be carried out.




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Where Bangalore
Duration 1 Day
Difficulty Moderate
Capacity 40 Seats
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