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Pench National Park Safaris

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With a lot of open space and dense trees, 365hops offers its guests a retreat like an ascetic where you can fritter away the hours between Safaris by enjoying a drink with a book lying down on the hammock, sit on the Machaans and indulge in star gazing or play games where ever you please.


At night, when all falls silent and you can hear calls from the wild animals, Tiger N Woods will arrange a bon fire with barbecue and drinks to share the tales of the wild.


Besides the Safaris, join our naturalist on an evening nature-walk, spot birds that you have never seen and get to know the forest up-close and personal. We are sure the the walk will change the way you have been looking at nature.



Cost per person (INR)
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Date Everyday
Where Madhya Pradesh
Duration 3 Days / 2 Nights
Difficulty Easy
Capacity 25 Seats
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7838984471, 8368292699, 01142156013
in collaboration with
Tiger N Woods

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