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Ratangad Monsoon Trek

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Ratangad Monsoon Trek


Ratangad Fort, which is also known as the jewel of Sahyadris, proves to be an enthralling trekking destination. Apart from the fact that the fort was a personal favorite of Shivaji Maharaj, the presence of the ancient Amruteshwar temple at the base of the hill on which the fort is located makes Ratangad a favored trekking destination.


The 2 day long trek takes the participants through varying landscapes which include flat grounds, flowing rivers and thick forests. The beauty of these natural features is further enhanced during the monsoon season, when the entire region becomes drenched in lush green beauty. That is why the charm of undertaking the Ratangad trek during this season is totally unmatched.


Although the trekking trail is relatively easy, it is important for the participants to exercise caution while enjoying trekking during the wet monsoon months. This is because the area tends to become somewhat muddy and slippery during this period and even a slight oversight and carelessness can lead to a major incident. Apart from this little care, the monsoon trek to Ratangad can prove extremely enthralling.


Height of Fort  :    1297 mtrs-4255 feet    

Key Features of the Event

> Ratangad fort has an excellent cave on the top big enough to accommodate about a 30-40 people at a time. Apart from this big cave there are several small caves too.

> Very few forts has a geological feature called as "Nedha" or "needle hole" which means a natural hole in the mountain where you can actually sit in and enjoy the high speed wind.

> Amruteshwar temple which is located at the base of Ratangad fort in the Ratanwadi is one of the old "hemadpanthi" temples with fascinating stone carvings.

Meeting Time and Place  :    Fergusson college main gate at 6:00 a.m. Sharp.


Day 1:

>Start from Fergusson College by 6.15 a.m

>Have breakfast on the Route.

>Reach Ratanwadi and Have Lunch.

>Start the Trek.

>Reach the top and sightseeing on the fort.

>Dinner and go to bed.

Day 2: 

>Early wake up call.

>Have breakfast and Sightseeing on the fort.

>Start descending the fort.

>Reach base and Have Lunch.

>Post lunch Start towards Pune.

>Reach Pune by 9:00 p.m.

(Stay in the caves of Ratangad. Please note that there are no hotels or toilets or any other structure on the fort. It is a rustic activity. Please note it again that it is a trek and not a trip.)

What to Bring

1. Trekking bag with all luggage packed properly in plastic bags

2. Shoes and at least 2 pairs of socks

3. Napkin, towel, Cap etc.

4. Soap, Toilet paper, tooth brush & paste etc (Optional)

5. Spare set of clothes

6. Torch

7. Sleeping Gear (Either sleeping bag or carry mat +Shawl or Satranji+shawl)

(We recommend to carry sleeping bag for your own convenience. Even if you are carrying any of the options try to carry old newspapers or plastic sheet so that you can avoid your sleeping gear from getting dirty in case the ground is little damp)

8. Personal medicines (if any)

9. Rain jacket

10. Warm wear

11. Camera, Binocular, Field guides etc. (optional)





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Where Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, India
Duration 2 Days
Difficulty Moderate
Capacity 20 Seats
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3rd Nov, 2018
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