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Rock Climbing at Damdama Lake Rocks

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Rock climbing is an adventure sports that has been gaining popularity fast in the new world. Where this would be a primitive activity in the past, basically for our ancestors, today, it is no more than just a sport, and just like every other sport, requires training and a lot of experience to master.


Rock Climbing gives you an experience like no other, having to climb rocky hills from different routes, with no breaks to relax completely and ease out. With professional instructors from Rock Climbing Sessions, you will be able to climb rocks from different routes. Newbies take the beginner routes, whereas the professional climbers prefer the intermediate or advanced routes. Different routes are different in terms of difficulty they pose to the climber.


Damdama Lake Rocks are located in the Aravali Hills, forming the backdrop of the lake. The site is situated about 22kms southeast of Gurgaon, and is a must visit for any adventure sports enthusiast, for it gives an experience to climb rocks on a variety of different levels and difficulty. Climbing the rocks, you can feel the amount of effort and energy you pour into it, therefore increasing the satisfaction by multiples, and everyone ought to feel it at least once!


What kind of clothes to wear  :  Comfortable lower & t-shirt. Avoid Jeans.

What kind of shoes to wear  :  You can wear any sports shoes however climbing shoes or PT Shoes are recommended.

How far are the rocks from Rajeev Chowk (Gurgaon)  :  A drive of 22 Kms



Timing  :  8 AM to 10 AM


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Where Damdama Lake, Gurgaon
Duration 1 Day
Difficulty Moderate
Capacity 25 Seats
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18th Mar, 2018
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