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Rock Climbing Session-Dhauj Rocks

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Rock Climbing is an adventurous experience that every sporty person tries at least once in his life. Just like adventure sports have been gaining a lot of popularity, the sites at which these adventure sports are performed have also been gaining popularity. Dhauj Rocks are located in the Aravali Hills, right outside the cities, therefore giving an experience unlike any other.


Furthermore, Rock Climbing Sessions offers you a variety of offers and skilled climbers who will train you how to go up the rocks in different manners. There are beginner’s trails available, which are meant for the newbies, but of course there are other routes available as well, which are meant for the professional climbers who have a lot of experience in climbing.


Rock Climbing Sessions also gives workshops on these routes, where the professionals teach you about different ways and techniques of climbing the rocks and how to master the tricky routes in no time. In terms of clothing, it is recommended you do not wear jeans and in shoes, PT shoes are the best recommendations. Rock Climbing Sessions provides an experience like no other, with an outdoor experience that everyone should try at least once in his or her lifetime.


What kind of clothes to wear  :  Comfortable lower & t-shirt . Avoid Jeans.


What kind of shoes to wear  :  You can wear any sports shoes however climbing shoes or PT Shoes are recommended.


Time Time Slot 1 : 8 AM to 10 AM 

Time Time Slot 2 : 10 AM to 12 AM

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Where Dhauj, Gurgaon
Duration 2 Hrs
Difficulty Moderate
Capacity 25 Seats
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9th Apr, 2017
30th Apr, 2017
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