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The mountains are an interesting geographical feature on the face of this earth, and rather a gift bestowed upon us by Mother Nature. Apart from providing a warm cradle for a varied lifeform base in both the flora and fauna kingdom, they are the source and home to all out fresh water needs, oxygen and medicines to keep us healthy and fit. While these functions of the mountains make them an important driving force of the plant’s ecosystem, they are home to some of the most mesmerizing scenes to be witnessed. This is what has always led trekking expeditions to the hills, which is an undying passion.


In the northern Indian mountains of the Himalayas, there is one such trek which is extremely popular amongst adventure seekers and nature lovers, and is thronged by trekkers all around the year. The trekking trail looks to be straight from a fantasy movie from Hollywood, complete with deep mountain folds, wooden bridges, green meadows and a lot of snow. There are various routes through which trekkers can approach the trekking trail, the most commonly used one commencing from the small village of Gosangu in Himachal Pradesh. The other route is through a village called Naitwar, situated above the hills of Dehradun in Uttaranchal. The trek and the hike are not very challenging and thus is appropriate for novice trekkers as well, who want to experience the wonders of the mountains in a span of less than 10 days.


The great thing about this trek to the Rupin Pass is that it takes you through the entire length of the Himalayas. The world’s highest mountain range is predominantly concentrated in two states within India – Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. During the trek, the trekkers commence their hike from a small village called ‘Dhaula’ in Uttarakhand, and completes with the trekkers crossing over to Himachal Pradesh, finally taking them to Sangla. This stretch of the mighty Himalayas is what is known as the Dhauladhars , and is home to some absolutely breathtaking views.


The beauty and the serenity of this trekking trail lies in the fact that most parts of the trail passes through areas which are far away from any human establishment. Thus there is this encounter with raw and untouched nature, which awaits trekkers, as they pass through scenes which change very rapidly; from forests, to stoned paths and snow laden stretches.




Day 1 : Dehradun to Dhaula - 180 km Drive

Day 2 : Trek 7 km to homestay in Sewa (6,300 ft). Time to reach: 6 hours

Day 3 : Trek 9 km from Sewa to homestay in Jhaka (8,700 ft). Time to reach: 7 hours

Day 4 : Trek 6 km to Saruwas Thatch camp (11,150 ft). Time to reach: 5 hours

Day 5 : Trek 5 km to Dhanderas Thatch camp (lower waterfall) (11,680 ft). Time to Reach: 4 hours

Day 6 : Trek 3 km steep to Upper Waterfall camp (13,120 ft). Time to Reach: 3 hours

Day 7 : Trek 10 km to Ronti Gad camp (13,420 ft) via Rupin Pass (15,200 ft). Time to Reach: 11 hours

Day 8 : Trek 12 km to Sangla village (8,800 ft). Sangla to Shimla - 225 km Drive

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Where Himachal Pradesh, India
Duration 8 Days / 7 Nights
Difficulty Difficult
Capacity 12 Seats
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