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DAY 01:            Dhaula (5500 ft) is the base for the Rupin Pass trek. Dhaula is a sleepy hamlet of a dozen homes and the last road head of Uttarakhand.


DAY 02:           (5½ hrs. Level: Easy undulating walk, with short climbs and drops. Altitude gain: 360 mts/1180 ft. 11 kms).
Take the trail that starts at the village and heads up the valley to Sewa Gaon. Past a cattle shelter and an enormous collection of dung, the trail starts to climbs sharply 200 mts outside the village – a gentle reminder of more such climbs to come. The climb eases out in 20 minutes into the first change of scenery: The Rupin fans out 500 ft below you into a wide river bed. Friendly villages hang out of the hills on either side. Village kids scamper about with their shy smile and a gentle Namaste.


DAY 03:           (5½ hrs. Level: Long climbs with gentle walks in between. Altitude gain: 730 mts/2394 ft. 9 kms)
Prepare yourself for a bit of huff and puff that the trail has in store for you for the day. The good bit is that the climb sections are always followed by gentle level walks.Take the road towards Kwar, cross the wooden bridge and head towards the iron bridge over the Rupin. Just before the road takes a dip to meet the river, take any of the trails on the left that climbs and meets up with the overhanging trail to Jiskun.


DAY 04:           (4½ hrs. Level: Mostly climbs with one gentle walk in between. Altitude gain: 650 mts/2132 ft.6 kms).
Jakha is a village completely enveloped in the ways of the Satsang. No meat is taken here. Avoid asking for any live animals or eating meat out of canned tins. The campsite is just above the village and doubles up as the children’s playground. An alternative campsite is to camp in the courtyard of the school itself.


DAY 05:           (4½ hrs. Level: Initial short climb followed by easy undulating walks. Altitude gain: 210 mts/680 ft. 6 kms)
The day’s walk is perhaps one of the best you’ll ever do. It has enough ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ in store to last you a lifetime.Water isn’t a problem. You just have to walk in any direction to find a crystal clear icy rivulet passing by. Pitch tent but sit out on the grandest landscaped lawn that nature can serve up. This is Dhanderas Thatch.

DAY 06:           (2 hrs steep climb. Altitude gain: 210 mts/1444 ft.)
This is perhaps the most important day of your trek. The acclimatization climb to the top of the waterfall will help you no-end for a super successful climb of the Rupin pass.


DAY 07:        (10-11 hours of trekking. Steep climb to the pass followed by a sharp descent.)
This is the longest day of your trek and the most grueling – and perhaps the most exciting too. It has enough adventure in store to haunt your memories for a long time.


DAY 08:       (6 hrs of steep descent. Altitude loss 1321 mts/4200 ft)
The descent to Sangla is hell on your knees and toes but makes up for everything with its ever changing scenery. For the first time you get to view the Kinner Kailash range and the blue pines of the Baspa valley.




1. Backpack (Rucksack) (60 ltr -70ltr) with comfortable shoulder straps and back pack rain cover
2. Walking Stick
3. Water Bottle
4. Sleeping Bag
5. Head Torch & with Extra Batteries
6. Lighter




1. Down Jacket
2. Fleece Jacket & T-Shirt
3. Windproof Jacket
4. Windproof & Waterproof Trek Pant
5. Thermal Trouser
6. Woolen Hat
7. Waterproof Woolen Gloves
8. Gaiters
9. 2 Pair Woolen Socks & Light Cotton Socks


Foot Wear


1. Trekking Shoes


Miscellaneous Items


1. Sun Block for Lips
2. Sun Protection Cream
3. Sun Glasses it should be U/V Protected
4. Toilet Kit (Toilet Paper) & Quick Dry Towels
5. Water Purifying Tablets
6. Medical & First-Aid Kit




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