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With one of the well known trails in the Pir Panjal range, Sar, in local dialect, means a lake. Situated at the Parvati Valley of Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh, Sar valley is abundant in natural treasure. The valley is covered with snow clad mountains, waterfalls, perennial streams, and lush green forests. A perfect trek for beginners, Sar Pass trek is ideal for those who want to experience all kinds of terrains in one. Be it Forests, quaint villages, meadows, or snow-covered mountains, you just name it and the trail for this trek has it. A trail that offers a gamut of experiences to trekkers, it starts from Kasol, which is a haven for backpackers from all over the world.


The first camp at Zirmi is surrounded by snow-white mountains and resembles the image molten gold in the first and last beams of sunlight a truly breathtaking experience to watch.The second camp is at tila lotni and is as picturesque as the first one. The ascent after Zirmi is steep and strenuous. The last camp is Tila Lotni before reaching Sar pass. While trekking from Tila Lotni to Biskeri Ridge, one has to pass the frozen lake, Sar. The sight that Sar pass offers seems more like an illusion than reality in it’s beauty and spirit. It makes all the days effort totally worth.


This moderately challenging trek in the Parvati Valley of Himachal Pradesh is perfect for beginners who are physically fit and can be taken up as a great introduction to high altitude trekking. The best time to visit is in between April and October every year. Covering approximately 90 kms in a span of a week is not a tough task but it does test your endurance and you will to keep going facing all the extremities in your path. After all, it is not the mountain we conquer, it is ourselves.


So, take up this trek and enjoy the majestic sights of this area after all the memories made in the mountains stays in our hearts forever. The one thing is for sure, the memories you would make on this trek would be something you will cherish for the rest of your lives. For all the comfort you find in solitude, we strongly recommend you to take up this trek with a guide and a group of fellow trekkers. For trek related details and Sar Pass Trek Cost, you can check on the Cost tab.


Day 1 : Travel on own from New Delhi to Kasol(Kullu) by Volvo/Taxi/Self Driven Car


Volvo Buses generally leave from Delhi to Manali at 5 PM every evening. We can also provide assistance on booking Volvo Tickets provided detailed requirements are emailed to us by the interested participants.


Day 2 : Reporting at Reporting Camp/Base Camp at Kasol before 6 PM


Participants will reach Bhuntar around 6-7 AM depending on traffic situation. Participants will be picked up from Bhuntar and dropped to Kasol Base Camp. Participants will report at the base camp Kasol. All the trekkers will register themselves for the Trek after breakfast and after taking shower, registration process will complete by 12 noon. Participants will be taken to an acclimatization walk to nearby village for 4-5 kms and then do's and don't during the trek will be explained as part of the orientation programme.


Day 3 : Trek from Kasol to Grahan village ( 6-7 hours)


The trek starts from the centre of Kasol and continues alongside the Kasol Nallah. The trek from Kasol to Grahan is an enjoyable trek to start with for Day 3 which is th first day of trek technically. Trekkers will pass through beautiful pine trees during this trek of almost 6-7 hours and the trek is not much uphill and is good for the trekkers in terms of difficulty. It has very gentle altitude ascend and is not physically demanding. Trekkers will be able to enjoy the greenery, and landscape and would reach the Grahan Village easily. There is a mix of rocky and uphill trail after the trekkers pass Grahan Nallah and this is further away from the right bank of the river. The climb in this part of trek is steep and lasts for almost 1 hour after which trekkers will reach Grahan Village. They will enjoy overnight stay at tents at Grahan Village and will have enought time to click pictures and relax after completing the day's trek till Grahan.


Day 4 : Trek from Grahan to Min Thach ( 4-5 hours)


Day 4 begins with leaving the Grahan camp early and then climbing upwards in the North Direction. This trail is also used by locals for going to Min Thatch. Min Thatch, Nagaru  and Sar Pass top is visible on one side after trekking for some time on this trail.This day's trek goes through deep and thick forests and trekker is expected to carefully steer their way through the steep slopes to ensure that they keep walking in the right direction and on the right path. Once the trekkers negotiate their way out of forests, Min Thatch is visible and then the trekkers can relax and enjoy the nature after reaching Min Thatch.


Day 5 : Trek from Min Thatch to Nagaru (5-6 hours)


Day 5 begins early as the trekkers are expected to leave the camp early to be able to enjoy the trek and the panoramic beauty of the Nagaru top. This part of Trek from Min Thatch to Nagaru is not too long and is high on the difficulty side. After the start of Day 5 the slopes culminate into the valley, there is a steep decline towards the valley. However, the trek route offfers so much pristine, virgin and scenic beauty for the trekkers that the rigours of trekking are taken care of by the happiness trekkers gain by seeing the beautiful raw nature and mountains around them. Nagaru is a beautiful camp site to have a 360 degree view of the mountains and parvati valley and one can see beautiful snow clad mountains around. However, the evenings and night at Nagaru experience extreme cold due to freezing and chilly winds. The winds at Nagaru blow at some incredible speed and offer an experience of its own kind. Trekkers prefer to keep them warm by staying inside the tents at Nagaru and enjoy the cold weather to keep themselves recharghed for an early start next morning.


Day 6 : Trek from Nagaru to Biskeri Thatch through Sar Pass ( 7-8 hours)


Day 6 begins with an early start to the trek as the trekkers are expected to cover the steep climb and that too through the snow. Trekkers get an exotic view of the snow covered mountain peaks and vallies around. The feeling of achievement and sense of happiness is immense as the trekkers reach the top of the hill after climbing steep route for many hours together however, the sense of achievement takes away all the tiredness and any pain that first time trekkers may be experiencing due to steep climb through the snow. Trekkers are guided throughout by the experienced guides who also help the trekkers enjoy the snow slides after climbing the top. Trekkers enjoy the snow slide as they are guided by instructors/guides. The slide lasts almost 1 kilometer and leads the trekkers towards some of the not so steep downslopes in the valley. After the slide, trekkers pass through the valley in about an hour. The trek route contiues in the downward direction towards Biskeri Thatch and passes through dense and beautiful bushes. Trekkers camp overnight at Biskeri Thatch after completing the day's trek.


Day 7 : Trek from Biskeri Thatch to Kasol Base Camp( 4-5 hours)Return


Biskeri Thatch offers a scenic and panoramic view of deep and dense pine forests, forest grasslands and high majestic mountains. Trekkers start moving downwards from Biskeri Thatch to Kasol Base Camp through Pulga Village. The downwards trek takes 4-5 hours and is very easy for the trekkers. Trekkers enjoy crossing the Parvati River on the way and then climb a bit to reach Barshiani Village. Trekkers are picked up and then dropped back to Bhuntar from where they can take their cars/Vehicles/Volvo to go back to Delhi.


Day 8 : Arrival in New Delhi by Volvo/Taxi/Self Driven Car


Trekkers carry back immemorable and immortal experience of beautiful mountains, nature and some very good bondings/friendships they develop during the trek.

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