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Aamba Valley, Maharashtra



Aamby Valley, Maharashtra


Aamby Valley, Maharashtra is the first place in India that offers skydiving packages for year round as a membership. The drop zone is around 2-hour drive away from the main city of Mumbai and currently, they are only offering 10,000 feet tandem jumps. The authorities are planning to extend the form of jumps which is also dependent on the popularity around the area. The proposed jumps in the area will be free fall and AFF which will be guided under the supervision of trained skydivers. The location is exactly near Pune, Maharashtra and the camps are available throughout the year except on the days when the wind is high or a bad monsoon.


Once you will reach the location, there will be a training session by experienced instructors that will guide you with the ways of communication in the air. It will normally last for 45 to 60 minutes depending on the individual and after that, you will board the plane that will take you to the height of 10,000 feet within 30 to 40 minutes. If you have any concerns about the safety, you can always ask questions but you will be connected over 4 points to your instructor. In the tandem jump, you and your instructor will together exit the aircraft and after the free fall of 20 to 30 seconds, he will deploy the parachute. The landing time after the free fall will take another 30 to 40 minutes in which you can enjoy the scenic view of the Aamby Valley which is mesmerising.


There are many ways to reach the location depending on your departure city or location as Indian railways, road, and theairis the best options available to reach the destination. Skydiving is a weather sensitive activity as it is dependent on the weather conditions which can delay or cancel your plans. You can always call the booking department on the day of ajump as they will confirm that the weather is suitable for the jump or not. This will save your precious time and plans can be rescheduled to the next possible date and time.

Age : You must be at least 18 years of age, please come with a current, valid ID.
Clothes : Bring and comfortable clothes and flat sneaker type shoes. No sandals, boots or flip-flops.
Weight : You must be within the weight limits: Our weight limits for a Tandem jump is 95kgs.
Time : Please expect the full experience to take a few hours.
Health : No alcohol or drugs whatsoever in your system before skydiving.
Weather : Skydiving is a very weather sensitive activity for your safety and comfort, delays or cancellations are possible due to weather holds. Please call the booking office on the day of your jump to check if the weather conditons are good to jump or we need to re-schedule your skydive for a next day.
Location -  Pune District, Maharashtra, India.
Activities to do - skydiving.
Best time to visit/do - throughout the year, except on a high windy or a bad monsoon.
How to reach?- 
1)By Rail- Your directions start from Lonavala Railway Station, Lonavala, Maharashtra, India. And Aamby Valley City, Pune, Maharashtra, India is the place you need to reach. Lonavala railway station has a good connectivity with the other railway stations of Maharashtra.
2)By Road-  Distance from major cities -
Mumbai to Pune 152 km  
Hyderabad to Pune 557 km
Indore to Pune  584 km  
Ahmedabad to Pune  682
Nagpur to Pune 765 km
3)By Air- Pune airport is situated almost 10 kilometers from the heart of the city which is located in the Lohagaon area. Outside the airport, one can easily get a taxi and major other bus services to reach the city and then city to the main destination.


Location- Pune District, Maharahtra, IndiaActivities to do- Skydiving.Facilities:
How to reach?

BY RAIL-lonavala railway station is the nearest. BT ROAD-well connected with the major cities of India. BY AIR- Pune airport is the nearest one.

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