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Deesa, Gujarat.

 Deesa, Gujarat.

The Sports Authority of Gujarat (SAG) was the first Indian sporting body to look at skydiving as an adventure sport, eventually helping Gujarat become the first India state to have a certified drop-zone in Deesa. The lake-side city has hosted several skydiving tours and camps run by the Indian Parachuting Federation in 2012, and there are plans for more camps in 2014.
The Athletics Specialist of Gujarat is in the procedure of creating the condition as a location for experience sports, especially skydiving.
Tandem jump participant is connected via a harness to the instructor. The instructor guides the participant through the whole jump from exit through freefall, piloting the canopy, and landing. The participant needs only minimal instruction before making a tandem jump.
Tandem jump is a very popular training method for first time skydivers, but it is more expensive than a static jump It exposes first-time jumpers to skydiving with minimal expectations from the participant. The training may consist of many of the activities performed by any participant, for example, how to exit the aircraft, how to do maneuvers in freefall, and how to deploy the main canopy themselves. However, the instructor remains primarily responsible for safe and timely parachute deployment. Jump is carried out at 10,000 ft. Few Hours of training is required for participant.
In Static jump, participant jumps alone with the parachute, and the parachute is deployed immediately after leaving the plane, regardless of actions taken or not taken by the parachutist. However the parachutist must adopt and maintain a suitable body position throughout deployment to minimize the chances of a parachute malfunction.
One instructor is in the aircraft who assist in jumping from the aircraft, and other who is on ground helps in landing by giving instructions through radio contact.
Jump is carried out at 3,500 to 4,000 ft. Participant undergoes 1.5 days of training.
Free fall-Accelerated freefall (AFF) is a method of skydiving training. This method of skydiving training is called "accelerated" because the progression is the fastest way to experience solo freefall, normally from 10,000 to 15,000 feet "Above Ground Level" (AGL). Tandem AFF: Is an AFF where you will have a full day training. The next day would be your jump with the instructor piggy backing you,but you would be the one handling all operations, i.e opening of parachute,landing etc.
AFF: Two instructors jump along with you(not piggy backing you) and they help you maintain position mid air,and let you go.A single AFF is a training of 2-3 days.
Location- Banaskantha district, Gujarat, India.
Activities to do- Skydiving.
Best time to visit- throughout the year, except bad monsoon weather.
How to reach?-
1)By Air- Deesa has an airport but remains non-functional at times for tourists. The Sardar Vallabhbhai International Airport at Ahmedabad is the nearest airport to reach Deesa. The distance covered is 139 kms. Ahmedabad is connected by air to major airports like Mumbai, Jaipur, Rajkot, Porbandar, Junagadh, Vadodara, Bhavnagar, etc. Tourists can hire local taxis for a cheaper fare to reach the airport.
2)By Rail- Deesa is easily accessible by railways. The nearest major railway junction to Deesa is Palanpur Jn. (PNU), which is 11.2 kms from the city. Deesa Railway Station, which is located on the Palanpur - Diyodar rail route is the nearest railway station. Buses and Metered taxis are available for rent from the station to reach the city.
3)By Road- S D Agril University Bus Stop is the nearest bus stand to reach Deesa, which is located at a distance of 25.3 kms. GSRTC buses ply on a regular basis connecting major towns of Gujarat to Deesa. Deesa is well connected with nearby cities such as Palanpur and Banaskantha. Private cabs too could be considered for a budget travel from prominent places to and from Deesa. The city is situated along National Highway 14 (NH 14).
Location- deesa, Gujarat, India.Activities to do- sky diving.Facilities:
How to reach?

BY AIR-Ahmedabad airport is the nearest one. BY RAIL-palanpur jn. is the nearest railway station. BY ROAD- S D Agril university bus stand is the nearest bus stand an follow the route straight to deesa.

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