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Mandawa to Ranthambore

Location: Mandawa, Rajasthan

Distance: 2700 km
Recommended Season: September to March
Rajasthan is known as land of Maharaja's & it is famous for legends of chivalry, heroism & royalty of Rajput & also for its Magnificent Forts, opulent Palaces, delicious cuisine, Elephant Ride, Camel Ride in Soft Sand Dunes of Thar, rural life which is untouched from modernization, Aravali Mountain-which is Oldest fold of Mountains in India, Various Jungle Tribal & their daily routine life style, warm hospitality of People & their colorful traditional dresses.
It's also known as the living museum of Indian sub-continent. In this tour of Rajasthan, you will explore & experience all above attraction of colorful Rajasthan.
It is not possible to describe the “land of kings” in just a few words.  Images which come to mind are those of majestic forts & palaces, magnificent “Havelis”, village folk performing their arts, shifting sand dunes in the desert, vibrant cities full of colour & tradition and culturally rich people including the Late Karna Ram Bheel, a Guinness Book record holder for the longest moustache measuring 6.5 ft!
Rajasthan is a heady mix of everything India has to offer to a traveller.  The largest state (in terms of area) epitomizes the essence of its diverse nation by encompassing the seventh largest desert in the world and one of the oldest mountain ranges (the Aravalis) as well as two tiger reserves and a bird sanctuary.  
A bird  sanctuary (Keoladeo Ghana National Park), a tiger reserve (Ranthambhore*), “pink” city Jaipur, Lake city Udaipur, “haveli” centre of Mandawa, Pushkar, “blue” city Jodhpur, “the living fort” of Jaisalmer, Jain temples of Ranakpur, Kumbhalgarh, Bikaner, Chittorgarh, Bundi. 


Location- Rajasthan Activities to do- Camping, Bike Riding, Exploring, CitingFacilities:Hotels, Restaurants, Guest houses
How to reach?

By Air: Nearest Airport:Jaipur airport, which is 143km away from the town, ByTrain: Nearest Railway Station: Churu, Rajasthan is the nearest railway station which is 32 km from here, By Road: Take a bus or taxi from there.

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