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Cochin to Periyar

Region: Kerala to Tamil Nadu 

Height: 2637 m

Distance: 1310 km

Recommended Season: November to March 

Spread across Kerala and Tamil Nadu, combine visits to some of India’s most exceptional wildlife and cultural sites. 

You will be able to enjoy every step of your journey, and have enough time to take in the picturesque landscapes and the perfect serenity of South India. 

 First on the itinerary will be Kerala. Located at the intersection of various ancient maritime trade routes, Kerala offers a wide cultural wealth. Egyptians, Phoenicians, Chinese, Arabs, Portuguese, Dutch… all came to these shores. The vestiges of the colonial emperors seem embedded in time in Kochi, a seaport city off the coast of the Arabian Sea. 

 But culture is not the only thing Kerala has to offer. The wide range of landscapes (jungles, rice fields, coconut trees, spice plantations, coasts and lagoons), an extremely rich wildlife and the hospitality of the local people makes this region one of the most attractive places on the Indian subcontinent. 

 Cross the highest mountain range of Tamil Nadu (“Tamul country”) to appreciate tender green paddy fields with a view of the impressive gopurams in the horizon.  

In breath taking surroundings, you will be awestruck by the hospitality of the small villages nestled in the Nilgiri Mountains. Natural wood forests provide a habitat for imported eucalyptus and conifers.  

On these luxurious lands, one can cross paths with monkeys, elephants, vibrantly hued migratory birds, and if you are lucky, wild bison’s. This is definitely the Indian state where you feel the most relaxed. 

The Western Ghats jungle, mostly impenetrable, is home to an extremely rich fauna: monkeys, elephants, buffalos, antelopes, sambas, tigers, bears, leopards, and thousands of species of birds.  

Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary at an altitude between 900 and 1800 meters, in one of the most beautiful protected areas of South India where, among about ten animal species, live herds of wild elephants, and about 40 tigers. 

Location- Kerala & Tamil NaduActivities to do- Camping, Bike Riding, Exploring, Citing, FishingFacilities:Hotels, Restaurants.
How to reach?

By Air: Nearest Airport: Cochin Airport, By Rail: Nearest Railway: Cochin Railway station also known as Ernakulum Junction, By Road: Take Taxi or Bus for Cochin

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