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Khardung La Challenge The Ultimate Test Of Endurance For Serious Runners Considered to be one of the toughest marathons, the Khardung La challenge is conducted at a height of 3500m above sea level. The race requires the participants to cover a total distance of 72 kms under the toughest climatic conditions. Hence it is not surprising that the Khardung La marathon in Ladakh makes the runners push their limits to the extreme. Given the tough conditions under which the race is held, its entry is restricted to only 150 participants. It is one challenge that sees the participation of people from not only major cities like Mumbai and Bangalore but also small towns such as Nasik and Karnal. The participants, especially those coming from plains and metro cities like Delhi are required to arrive in Ladakh, at least one week before the race day. This is to help them to get properly acclimatised to the environment of the region which is significantly different from even the usual hilly areas. Irrespective of the difficulties faced by participants, the Ladakh marathon proves to be an awe-inspiring and memorable experience.

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