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Stok-Kangri Peak Trekking Expedition

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Stok-Kangri Peak Trekking Expedition


Without any qualms, one can tag Stok Kangri as one of the most renowned and thrilling trekking destination in the heart of snow capped Ladakh. Each and every year trekkers at the count of thousands come here to taste the thrill of this place and conquer the Stok Kangri peak, which has captivated trekkers and mountaineers of each and every era. The trekking at Stok Kangri peak is considered one of the most challenging trek because of the problem of a very high altitude and presence of thin air in this place. The trekking expedition is spread over a span of 9 days with initial few days reserved only for acclimatization of the participants. Although, there are a few tour operators who will offer a 5 day trekking expedition to the Stok Kangri peak, but such trekking expeditions can prove fatal for the participants.


The beautiful Stok Kangri peak takes the trekkers to a majestic route that gives them the opportunity to soak in the beauty of the Himalayan peak. The trekkers are required to pass through the glaciers, climb various mountains and steep ridges in order to reach the peak. The participants will also pass through the world famous Hemis National Park and can take a glimpse of the endangered snow leopard roaming in its natural surroundings.


The amazing trekking expedition to the Stok Kangri peak gives the trekkers an opportunity to indulge in the outstanding views of the Zanskar range, Ladakh range, regions of Leh and the captivating Indus Valley. This beautiful expedition to the snow kissed peak of Stok Kangri will make the participants realize the glory and grandeur of the Himalayan ranges. At the same moment, the presence of calm and pious environment in this region not only makes you feel refreshed and rejuvenated, but makes you forget the pain and challenges you have encountered while trekking at the Stok Kangri trail.


A single most significant eligibility criteria for those who are desirous of trekking the trail of Stok Kangri is to be physically fit and mentally strong. A lot of people who start trekking the Stok Kangri peak, often come back midway because of the issues related to acclimatization and other things. Hence, there is no doubt that the Stok Kangri peak trekking expedition is one of the most difficult trekking expedition one can ever undertake. But, once you complete it and reach at the top, the feeling of accomplishment that one gets is worth applauding. The feeling of conquering the Stok Kangri peak can enlighten your life and remain as one of the memorable lifetime experience.




Connecting Airports on route - Delhi, Leh


Key Villages on Route - Delhi, Leh


Traveling options - Pune - Delhi - Leh by Air

                                  Mumbai - Delhi - Leh by Air


Key Features of the Trek


  • From Stok La one can get some of the breathtaking views of the Stok Kangri peak and route to summit from the base camp.


  • The trek will start from Zingchan to Rumbuk, in order to get the participants acclimatized.


  • The famous Karakoram range, which includes Mt. K2 having an altitude of 8611m can be seen from here. The participants can also take views of the Zanskar range and Tivet from a distance. Overall, the snow kissed peaks can be seen.


  • Khardung La, which is the highest motorable road of the world which situated at an altitude of 5600m can make the trekkers go simply crazy. The views from the top is extremely wonderful, covering the region right from the Indus valley and moving South till the end of the Zanskar Range and then Sesser Massif towards the North.




Meeting Time and Place- This will be intimated to the participants 10 days prior to the commencement of the event.


Day 1- Reporting - Leh (3500 m)


The participants will arrive in Leh and the entire day will be spent exploring Leh with a motive to get the participants acclimatized. The participants can explore the markets, monasteries or just sit back and relax at the hotel, admiring the beauty of the place. The overnight stay will be arranged at a hotel in Leh.


Day 2- Leh Acclimatization


For further acclimatization, the second day will also be spent in Leh. However, a short hiking will be arranged on the same day for the participants in order to make the participants practice and exercise at this altitude. By hiking here, one can understand the size of the challenge that will come in the form of trekking at Stok Kangri. The overnight stay is at Leh.


Day 3- Leh - Zingchan - Rumbuk (4000 m): 8 hrs, 12 Km


Now, we will initiate trekking via Zingchan to Rumbuk because on this route the altitude ranges from low to high; thus the participants can easily adjust. The other route that starts from Chang Ma has a high altitude right from the start. In the entire trekking trip, we will be traversing through the barren lunar landscape of the Ladakh region. The weather here is hot during the daytime and gets cooler as the night approaches. The overnight stay is at Stok La.


Day 4- Rumbuk - Stok La (4400 m) - Mankorma (4900 m): 5/6 hrs, 9.5 Km


The participants will trek at Stok La Pass and the camp will be arranged at Mankorma. This pass offers one of picturesque views of the Stok Kangri peak and the route for reaching the summit of the base camp.


Day 5- Mankorma - Base Camp (5000 m): 4/5 hrs, 4 Km


The participants are requested to start the day early so that they can reach the base camp in the early hours and then spend the entire day resting. Post lunch, a short hiking trip will be organised from the base camp in order to get the participants acclimatized. After climbing for about 100 m, we will come down. This is because we need to make preparations in the night for the next day's summit attempt.


Day 6- Base Camp - Stok Kangri (6150 m) - Base Camp (5000 m): 15 hrs, 12.8 Km


The next day climbing will start in the early morning hours with a hope to view the sunrise and get good weather conditions at the summit. At first, the participants need to climb a ridge which will lead them to a glacier. Once, the glacier is crossed, the participants need to ascend on the steep trail for reaching the summit. This comprises the last phase of the trekking expedition and is the most challenging and difficult phase, requiring the participants to show their full physical as well as mental strength. The comprehensive view which one gets from the top of the peak is totally beyond words to express. Towards the north-west, one can see the Karakoram range and that includes Mount K2, having an altitude of 8611m above the level of the sea. The Zanskar range can also be viewed from here and one can also view Tibet as a distantly located region having snow kissed peaks.


Day 7- Spare Summit Day


This is the day that is kept spare for the situation where the participants cannot make the summit on the day 6 . The decision of keeping the day spare or not will be at the discretion of the leader. In all the cases, one need not keep a spare day, but in case of certain exigencies one may require a spare day.


Day 8- Base Camp - Stok village - Leh (3500 m): 8 hrs


The participants are required to descend from the base camp in order to reach the Stok village. This is a great nature walk where the participants are required to walk through various ruins of castles and old forts. The entire journey to Stok village will be completed in about 6 hours. Once, we will reach the Stok village, our vehicles will take the participants to Leh. The distance between Stok village and Leh will be completed in a span of 2 hours.


Day 9- Check out & Proceed for the further journey towards Delhi / Mumbai / Pune


After reaching Leh, the participants can take the morning breakfast and then check out towards their respective destinations. The trip will end here, but the memories and the experiences which this trip to Stok Kangri peak has given will remain in the fond memories of one and all. This trek is such a delight that participants indulge in trekking here again and again.

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