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Tambdi Surla Waterfall Trek

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Tambdi Surla Waterfall Trek


Approximate Duration: 2 hrs of Ascend

Located remarkably in the interiors of Goa, Tamdi Surla Waterfalls is still beyond the reach of destined travelers. At the base of the waterfalls, is the Mahadev temple, which is still an active worship place for Hindus. Built in 12th century, the construction boasts of Jain architecture and some adapted carvings in basalt. Though many tried to invade this temple, but thankfully it still holds the charm and has managed to preserve its beauty.

Trek route & hiking towards the waterfalls


Reach the waterfalls by crossing jungle routes and winding roads. It’s thrilling and fun-filled as many river streams meet and greet you on your way to Tamdi Surla Falls. Especially when rain pours down, the entire path and backdrop turns lush green, icing to the cake is the ever-flowing river streams that promise adrenaline rush. All the while, when you’re trekking, the whooshing sound keeps talking to you. And, moment you reach the falls, Ahh!!! A sight to behold and capture in your eyes.

Major Attractions

Explore the Ancient Mahadeva Temple

Witness prominent idols & carvings

Surreal backdrop and waterfalls

Cross multiple river streams

Trek through the jungle route


Day 1: 

03:00 pm: Meet the Travel Trikon Team at Pune Railway station, Platform no 3 

04:35 pm: We will be catching the Goa Express

Overnight Journey towards Kulem

Day 2: 

04:30 am: Reach Kulem Station

05:30 am: Reach the base & have breakfast

06:00 am: Start trekking

08.00 am: Reach Tamdi Surla Falls

10.00 am: Start descending

11.30 am: Reach base village

12.00 pm: Explore Mahadeva Temple at the base

01.00 pm: Leave for Guest House at Kulem

02.00 pm: Get fresh & enjoy having delicious lunch

Stroll around the resort as it surround beautiful backwaters and lush green trees

04.00 pm: Start for Madgaon station by Local transport

P.S - Pune Participants will catch the Goa Express at 16:36 Hrs.

Reach Pune by 04:30 Hrs

08.30 pm: Catch train from Madgaon and start return journey towards Mumbai



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Where Goa
Duration 2 Days / 1 Night
Difficulty Easy
Capacity 30 Seats
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