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Trans Himalayan Motorbike Tour

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Dharamshala – Barot – Prashar Lake – Jalori Pass – Karsog – Mandi - Jwalamukhi - Dharamshala


Trans Himalayan bike Tour is an excellent way to explore the lesser known regions of Himachal Pradesh.


The tour starts from Dharamshala and then continues to the Trans Himalayan Regions of Chuhar Valley, Tirthan Valley, Karsog Valley and Janjehli Valley etc.


These trips involve visiting Remote villages, Old Temples, Apple Orchards & High Mountain passes etc. to feel the culture and passing through the rugged train. It involves experience the remote cultures and the people. The tour has a combination of and guesthouse / home stay / Hotel stays which is not available on some other routes.


Day1 : Arrive in Dharamshala 


(Height 2,082 meters)

On reaching Dharamshala, check-in to the hotel and relax till afternoon.  Enjoy the beautiful Valley. Dharamshala is a city in the upper reaches of the Kangra Valley and is surrounded by dense coniferous forest consisting mainly of stately Deodar, cedar trees. The suburbs include McleodGanj, Bhagsunath, and Dharamkot etc.


Later, come back to the hotel and have a comfortable stay. O/N STAY & DINNER at DHARAMSHALA. 


Day 2 : Dharamshala to Barot (Chuhar Valley) 


Height 1,829 meters / 120km

Head towards Barot. Start off the ride and head south, riding with the Mountains. We Barot a village, originally developed in 1920s for Shanan Hydel Project is now a tourist location in Mandi district. Barot was difficult to access until 1975 when a road was opened. The road route includes terraced fields and thick cedar forests, rising to Jhatingri at the hilltop. The remains of the summer palace of the former rulers of Mandi are located here. Through the little village of Tikkan, the road carries on to Barot. The town has a range of outdoor activities, including a trout breeding centre from where fish are released into the Uhl. A 30 km section of the river is used for angling.


Barot also forms the gateway to the Nargu Wildlife Sanctuary which lies across the Uhl. The sanctuary is home to the monal, O/N STAY & DINNER at BAROT. 


Day 3 : Barot to Prashar Lake 


Height 2,730 meters / 110km 

Prashar Lake with a three storied pagoda-like temple dedicated to the sage Prashar. The lake is located at a height of 2730 m above sea level. With deep blue waters, the lake is held sacred to the sage Prashar and he is regarded to have meditated there. Surrounded by snow-capped peaks and looking down on the fast flowing river Beas.


Local people says that this lake was formed by Pandawas when they were on their way after Mahabharata with Deity Kamrunag to find best place for their teacher, Dev Kamrunag and Deity love the isolation of this place so much that he decided to stay here for the rest of his life. On his request, Bheem one of the Pandava brothers formed the lake by pushing his elbow and forearm on the peak of the mountain. And that is the reason believed by locals after oval-shaped lake with depth unknown. Many a time in storms an almost 30-meter-tall cedar tree would fall into the lake to disappear. O/N STAY & DINNER at PRASHAR LAKE.  


Day 4 : Prashar Lake to Tirthan Valley 


Height 2591 meters / 111km 

Enjoy riding with the Beas River by our side. We head towards Tirthan Valley; it’s along the Thirthan River in Banjar. Valley is the entry point to Great Himalayan National Park (GHNP), famous for its rich bio-diversity. O/N STAY & DINNER at SHOJA.  


Day 5 : Tirthan Valley to Karsog 


Height 1,404 meters / 89km 

Post breakfast ride begins from Shoja and head towards Karsog. The route will be tougher than last road as it is raw and rough so please be ready by strong intension. The route of Ghiyagi to Jalori Pass (10kms / 10800feet) will definitely test your limits and gets your heart pumping. This pass is link between outer and inner saraj valley, which mostly important in district kullu and also remain closed in heavy snow fall regularly. The site is famous among Bollywood directors and been used for shooting films. The seasonal flowers bloom in the region along with flora and fauna in the midst of immaculate solitude of highlands relaxes the senses of every riders.


Along the way, many spots will offer an almost 360 degree view of the Himalays, Dhauladhar and Kinnaur ranges. The nature trails en route, describe the copious species of wildlife found in the gradients of Jalori. Participants can experience best scenic view from the top of Jalori pass. The venue is also famous for Holy Kali Mata temple. After a tiring day, the evening will be spent relaxing & sharing travelling experiences with some delicious desi food. O/N STAY & DINNER at KARSOG.


Day 6 : Karsog to Mandi


Height 786 meters / 102km 

In the morning after having our breakfast we leave Karsog & proceed to our next destination Mandi. Karsog is a small town and nagar panchyat situated in the lap of Himalayas, near Shimla, at a height of 1,404 meters.  It is famous for Apple orchards and dense forests. In the Karsog KAMAKSHA DEVI & MAHUNAG are the famous temples. Karsog valley is a fertile piece of land in the MANDI District. During riding from ANNI to KARSOG the road way is little hilly & the satluj river will accompany us. O/N STAY & DINNER at NER CHOWK.       


Day 7 : Mandi to Jwalamukhi


Height 610 meters / 110km

Jwalamukhi is a famous temple to the goddess Jwalamukhi, the deity of flaming mouth. Raja Bhumi Chand Katoch of Kangra, a great devotee of goddess Durga, dreamt of the sacred place and the Raja set people to find out the whereabouts of the site. The site was traced and the Raja built a temple at that location. The building is modern with a gilt dome and pinnacles, and possesses a beautiful folding door of silver plates. Under the gaze of the Dhauladhar range and set amidst the undulating hills that character sub-Himalayan Himachal Sati's tongue is believed to have fallen at Jwalamukhi and the goddess is manifest as tiny flames that burn a flawless blue through fissures in the age old rock.


No idol is located in the temple and the deity is worshipped in the form of flames which come out from the crevices of the rock. There is a small platform in front of the temple and a (check usage) big mandap where a huge brass bell presented by the King of Nepal is hung. Usually milk and water are offered and the ahutis or oblations are offered to the sacred flames in the pit, situated in the centre of the temple in between the floor pillars supporting the roof. O/N STAY & DINNER at JWALAMUKHI.  


Day 8 : Jwalamukhi to Dharamshala


Height 2082 meters / 63 km. O/N STAY & DINNER at Dharamshala.



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